Now officially middle-aged

Yay me. Recently had a birthday that marks the midway point in life: age 35. That’s assuming I live to the ripe old age of 70.

Had a pretty good b-day week. My former companion took me out to dinner one night and then grilled out over the weekend, my best guyfriend took me out another night, and a bar-pal cooked us dinner in his home one evening. The friend who was supposed to come to town wound up canceling last minute. Not sure what to think of that and so am letting it go. We haven’t spoken since. Have the feeling it probably had to do with that other gal he was interested in, though that’s not what he claimed. Either way, such is life. The weekend went fine regardless. Had a chance to hang out with another buddy I hadn’t seen in a minute, and that went well. Chilled in his garage/workshop ’til sunrise, chatting and catching up. And my mother sent an odd present which indeed will come in handy.

What else? Not a whole lot to share on here. Been trying to keep my drama minimal though it does flare up occasionally. Hurt my shoulder nearly a couple weeks back and am still recuperating. Was a stupid night out, as is the cause of most injuries I endure. But whatever. That happened and is now past. Very little rest for the wicked…

Been getting along with most folks though, including my former companion — very grateful for that. Gone two months without a fight. Shocks us both. More space and time apart works wonders.

My gym closed down, so I’m about to be hunting a new one. Will still be weight-training with my regular trainer a couple times a week, just in a different location. Kind of a bummer there, but c’est la vie. Rent was too damn high for him to keep the place open.

Beyond that just tending to the usual. Working, staying out late and enjoying the nightlife, listening to audiobooks and reading during the day, catching a movie every once in a blue moon. The latest one my guyfriend took me to see was “Hell or High Water.” Liked it. Been listening to the soundtrack since, which I will share on here momentarily.

A few favorites of mine follow.

“Blood, Sweat and Murder” by Scott H. Biram:

Townes Van Zandt’s “Dollar Bill Blues”:

“Sleeping on the Blacktop” by Colter Wall:

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2 Responses to Now officially middle-aged

  1. Shpitz says:

    Happy birthday. They say that 30 is the new 20. It’s true in a sense, we do live longer.

    • Byenia says:

      Gracias. 😉 Not sure about this age being the new whatever age stuff. But yeah. We do tend to live longer these days. I might not. Smoke and drink too much. But c’est la vie. 🙂 Happy days regardless!

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