“Feeding The Trolls 92: Roosh V” (plus my response)

Cute Fuzzy Weasel is a dork, but I happen to like dorks. Prefer guys like him heads and shoulders above any and all pick-up artists, that’s for sure. Having watched several of his videos over the last year or two, Weasel’s humor is playful and cheeky, not mean-spirited or below the belt. And unlike Roosh, he doesn’t harbor deep, unabating resentment toward women for adapting to modern life.  (How dare we! WHORES!! lol)  Thankfully, there remains a broad, diverse, and infinitely more alluring world outside of that strange little online circle-jerk known as the “manosphere.”

Still spitting in manospherians‘ direction since they never cease clamoring on about the unique evils of us womenfolk. As if members of one sex are automatically more prone to being more cruel than the other. But biases abound and some people do everything within their power to shut out any information that doesn’t confirm what they wish to believe were true, especially when they’re bound up with like-minded others in affiliation under a banner for some political/social cause. If that’s not in itself viewed as yet another manifestation of so-called “social justice” warring, then apparently the definition is being skewed in order to accommodate select groups who refuse to take a long, hard look in the mirror. Said that before and will keep saying it.

Spoken as a true American woman. Flip-flop-wearin’, comfy cozy loungin’, late-night pizza-munchin’ and all.   american_smilie

Now it’s time to get back to work.

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2 Responses to “Feeding The Trolls 92: Roosh V” (plus my response)

  1. lars says:

    … they insist on eating tiny baked goods and cupcakes, how dare they eat the cake of cup! Thanks for the laughs.

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