“Jonestown Cult Suicides – The True Story” (docu-drama)

Today’s show on Jim Jones and the Jonestown massacre:

Because cults are intriguing to learn about.

I especially find it interesting how groups with a socialist bend are inclined to claim to be non-violent, yet tend to resort to extreme violence against their own once severely threatened with dissolution.

And I continue wondering why we humans are so prone to following crazed leaders. Charisma alone is not a good enough excuse. People aren’t simply passive sheep — we’re often complicit in creating the ordeals we wind up feeling trapped by. So what’s the initial allure? Is it that following someone else gives us the feeling of being absolved from taking personal responsibility for whatever unfolds on down the line? Are these just more manifestations of people taking flight from freedom? Perhaps because people feel overwhelmed by all the choices available that it can seem easier to simply let someone else decide our fates for us? Or is it more about becoming so wrapped up in a dream, a fantasy about the formation of a utopian society, an alternative to what was previously known to us, that we somehow fail to fully acknowledge that we’ve veered off toward a worse outcome? Maybe we humans just love drama — it gives our lives a greater sense of meaning, even if our lives get cut short in the process. Who really knows?  *shrugs*

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