“What do sex workers want?”

Switching gears tonight…

“What do sex workers want? | Toni Mac | TEDxEastEnd”:

Excellent talk there! Decriminalization is truly the only humane route to go in, I agree wholeheartedly. This has been my position for many years, and I will continue to stand by that ’til the day that I die. Guaranteed.

A person’s body is their own domain. Period. We as individuals are obviously going to do with ours as we see fit, whether you agree or not, whether you like it or not. Doesn’t matter what your religions say. Just a fact of life, and you can either make this harder on people for no better reasons than your drive to control what is not up to you (or your false beliefs about what keeps people safe — listen to that woman right there, she explains it very well) or you can help make it actually safer. Your politicians lie to you. Your fear of trafficking isn’t substantiated, not when all ideas being legally put forth do nothing to improve the situation.

Fuck your prohibition. Fuck your legalization schemes and controlling methods. Fuck your Nordic/Swedish model. Fuck your Nevada brothels. Period. That remains my stance. Unwaveringly.

That lady in the video demonstrates the nice and courteous face to this sort of dialogue. I admittedly and unapologetically am the bulldog.

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