Memorial Day Shooting

Finally had an opportunity to go shooting my gun today! This being the first time I’ve shot a weapon since 2011 and the very first time to fire this particular revolver I’d purchased many months ago up north.

It’s a Smith & Wesson .38 special snub-nose airweight 5-shot revolver with a hidden cocking mechanism. Don’t expect much technical jargon out of me since I don’t keep up with that sort of stuff. Fired through it 50 rounds of Remington 158 gr. cartridges, plus some similar shorter cartridges provided by my great-uncle, then I tried out a few of my Hornady Critical Defense rounds to see what they would do, then a few of my pest control shot cartridges for fun.

We headed to my great-uncle and great-aunt’s property out in the country where my great-uncle drove us out to a little pond in his Cub Cadet vehicle (think of a combo between a golf cart and an ATV) with my great-aunt and grandma following behind in a separate automobile. We set up targets across the pond and shot from the pier (he estimated the distance approx. 25-30 yds. across). Then their son stopped by and offered up a few of his weapons for me to try out. So today I was also able to shoot my great-uncle’s much older S&W long-barreled .38 revolver, my second-cousin’s .357 magnum (loaded at different times with .357 and .38 ammunition) and two different Glock .40 semi-autos. That made for a good afternoon. yes_smilie

I shot at two cardboard targets, plus a floating empty water bottle (which I managed to sink wink), and a couple styrofoam plates during warm-up. Don’t feel like fooling with a camera right now to try to post up my targets, but will do so eventually (perhaps once I am back home). Only hit the bulls-eye a couple of times and that was with my great-uncle’s .38 revolver, but the majority of my shots landed within the target area at least. My great-uncle shot a few rounds off himself, but he left most of the shooting to me this time around.

It was 98 degrees out today, and we sweat our asses off walking back and forth around that pond to check and replace the targets. But I didn’t even mind the heat since it felt so nice to finally be out honing my skills after so much talk about it and guyfriends up north always saying they’d take me along but never following through. My great-uncle seemed really impressed with my shooting and talked me up quite a bit, which was really nice and boosted my confidence a lot. Said I can come back to his property anytime I’d like, including later this week before I leave town. His son was also nice and offered to bring more guns down for me to try out, so that was really kind of him as well. I seriously needed that opportunity to alleviate my nervousness for in the future when I walk into a shooting range up north eventually on my own, so as not to be wondering if I know what I’m doing after going so long without shooting.

Had ear protection on this time to reduce the risk of further hearing loss. Which served the dual function of blocking out the chatter from my grandma up in the peanut gallery seats. She’s scared of guns.

Wasn’t uncomfortable and took to shooting without much initial hesitation. The longer we stayed out there, the more comfortable I felt. Was a good day, perhaps the best afternoon I’ve had in at least a year. Trigger finger is a little sore now, which is just fine by me. My revolver has a really long pull on the trigger due to the cocking mechanism being inside the gun to where you’re cocking it via the trigger each time you fire it. But it got easier to pull more rapidly as the afternoon wore on.

All in all, I probably shot around 100-150 rounds today. Looking forward to doing that again in the not-too-distant future, though I probably will hold off until I get back to the Midwest. Great-uncle is a really nice man and I’m grateful he said it was cool for me to come out and shoot on their property, seeing as how I’d been looking for a place to shoot the past month I’ve been down this way. New laws are stricter about shooting within city limits these days. That little pond way out in the woods was an idyllic setting.

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