Late May 2016 Tunes

Starting out tonight with Kid Rock’s “You Never Met a Motherfucker Quite Like Me”:

Not a huge favorite for me personally, but my former companion liked this song and owned the album and so it was played enough to where it grew on me.

Still can’t stand the Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow song though. Noooo. Won’t sit through that one. Simply will not.

A new one I stumbled across lately, Ground Up feat. Marty Grimes – “People”:

People ask what I’ve been up to lately
(Tell the truth, tell the truth)
Ya, I been missing for awhile
(I been missing, I been missing)
Just getting high don’t take it personal
(Oh no, oh no)
When I come down you’ll be the first to know
(Oh no, oh no)

But I ain’t never coming
Nah, I ain’t never coming

(Ya, nigga I be so ghost)
Come get lost with me
Getting money cause that talk is cheap
(Bitch niggas do the most)
Shit, ain’t that the truth
Can’t stop now I’m locked in the zone
(We don’t show no love)
Yelling Ground Up ’till the end
Only ones I trust is my friends
(We don’t like nobody)
They don’t got a team like mine
Lose sleep over dreams like mine
(They ain’t nothing like us)
All work no play
I don’t know what to say
I gravitate to those who know me well
Give me some space to contemplate myself
Get the fuck outta my face, fuck outta my face


Another new one I came across recently, “Run This” by Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard:

Take the bodies out, call the ambulances
I’m done giving first and second fucking chances
I’m a killer, I’m a kill it, I’m a kill it
I’m a killer, I’m a kill it, I’m a kill it

Night after day, after night
I work hustle kill and I fight

Might as well give me the throne that you inherit
While you’re at it give me your badge cuz I’m the sheriff

Everybody back up
I run this, I run this, I run this
I’m bigger than a mack truck
I run this, I run this, I run this

Some people are walking blind
And other people fall in line
But I’m too busy chasing mine
To let the world leave me behind
I’m going for mine

Getting to the top is just a matter of time
Until I get mine
Never looking back cuz I’m on my grind
I’m going for mine…

(Everybody back up) …

Really like that one in particular.

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