Examples of excessive force used by the police

“Cop Beats Man With Down Syndrome For Having A Bulge That Was Actually A Medical Device”:

“Cops Viciously Beat Man Senseless”:

(There’s a backstory described and news site linked to in that video’s description box.)

“Dashcam: Man awarded $100K In Police Excessive Force Lawsuit”:

“Police Officer Resigns After Allegedly Using Excessive Force”:

“Deputy accused of using excessive force, caught on camera”:

Pointing a gun at small children. Seriously? Way to go, big tough officer with a badge.  american_smilie  tongue_out

“Chicago Police Use Excessive Force On Woman”:

“Dash Cam Video: Kansas City Police Officer Pleads Guilty To Excessive Force”:

Relevant clip begins at 0:42 in, “COPS SUED FOR EXCESSIVE FORCE,AND WON 125 GRAND” (Dallas):

“CORRUPT Police Said the Video Showing this Cop’s Excessive Force Did Not Exist, They Were Lying” (Denver):

See, that’s precisely what excessive force is. Fucking with people simply because you think you can get away with it. I’m just saying, I understand there are decent cops on the force out there, but these types of cops wind up getting you all painted with a broad brush when it comes to public resentment. And that is brewing, believe me. Police might like to believe they will always be on top and can continue getting away with this sort of shit, but eventually the tides will turn, someday, some way. It’s not right, and any decent cop can see that in these type of cases. Yes, they put their lives on the line for us, but that doesn’t give them a right to take it too far without sufficient provocation.

Everything I’m including here tonight aren’t ambiguous cases where it’s questionable how the police responded. No. These are pretty cut-and-dried in terms of violating people’s civil rights and doing excessive harm where it was not warranted.

“Omaha, NE Police using excessive force”:

In my early 20s I used to live in a part of Omaha that looks very similar to that neighborhood and can attest to how shitty cops behaved there. Personal experience and observation demonstrated to me clearly firsthand how little they gave a fuck about people’s civil rights and doing their jobs properly, especially when you live in a poorer part of town. I was there for the cheap rents but many of my neighbors had no choice but live there, had been raised there, and it was bullshit how frequently the cops cruised our area yet proved unhelpful and always 20 minutes away when called. They only seemed to come around to actually do anything when they sniffed a drug charge in the making.

I recall one day back around 2003 or so when I tried walking out out of my Omaha apartment, not knowing anything was going on, and a cop instantly barked at me to “get the fuck back” into my home. Come to find out they were in my front yard and in the alley between the building next door (we’re talking a block down from 33rd and California which was a hot drug corner at the time, back behind Creighton University), guns trained, SWAT vehicle parked out front, trying to bust a neighbor on drugs. They didn’t give a fuck. They came and went as they pleased. And we were all supposed to revolve around them. They cared not to answer your questions or speak to you in a reasonable manner on any given day, even when nothing was happening and they were just patrolling. Expect them to just start barking, period. That’s all you’re going to get out of cops in that area and the neighborhood north of us up around Ames Avenue. (And that’s another important reason for why I encourage everybody to live in a ghetto area for at least one year out of their lives, and interact with the locals while you do so in order to hear their stories and perspectives. Proved very educational and I do not regret my time living there as a result. Still maintain a couple friends from that time in my life.)

That’s where I was living when my ex-boyfriend (he being from the richer western suburb of Omaha) robbed me of my electronics in broad daylight and I resisted him in the street, with many onlookers as my witnesses, and I called Omaha PD and they sent out some total jerk of a female cop with nothing but a chip on her shoulder. Wish I remembered her name. She basically told me it was a civil matter, not a criminal matter, since I had let him stay with me some in my apartment (though he was not on the lease ever and had his parents’ address on his driver’s license). And then she went on to say if he returned that I would have to vacate the premises (of MY OWN HOME) because “squatter laws” allowed him 30 days notice before I could kick his ass out! For a man who didn’t even live there and had another place to live! I kept trying to tell her his parents’ address where he’d been living at but she refused to even write it down. Just refused to be helpful one iota, and so I started crying out of frustration, so she then mocked me for that! What a fucking bitch cop! Straight up, in all my times of dealing with law enforcement in the ways that I have (never having been arrested though), she continues to prove to be the most disrespectful and totally unhelpful cop I have ever crossed paths with. And that was in Omaha, Nebraska (speaking as someone who’s lived a good bit of my life in Mississippi and knows how cops can be down this way too).

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3 Responses to Examples of excessive force used by the police

  1. Wyrd Smythe says:

    Not to in any way excuse that sort of behavior, which definitely does happen — the position by its very nature attracts people like that, just as teaching and priesting attract pedophiles — but I can’t help but be aware of the other side of the equation.

    What’s the alternative? No cops? I wouldn’t want to live in that world, so some kind of policing force is necessary in society. That means we have to find a way to work around the bad apples.

    Cops see the worst of humanity, plus it’s a job that can get you murdered (for not a lot of pay), so I can at least understand how they view the world.

    (I had a longer comment, but your site cuts off the [Post Comment] button if the text box grows too large, so this is all there’s room for. 🙂 )

    • Byenia says:

      Hi Wyrd. I am aware of the other side of the equation too, as I’m sure has been discussed elsewhere on here in the past. And no, I am not advocating for no cops simply because I’m not cool with them stripping away people’s civil rights and beating them with little to no provocation.

      They aren’t paid that bad usually. In my Midwestern city they start out around $34k and end up eventually typically making over $60k/yr. Not terrible pay. Varies from city to city, no doubt. But pay alone shouldn’t justify mistreating citizens. Yes, it’s a dangerous job, and everyone who goes into that profession understands that upfront. It’s not for everybody, especially if they’re geared toward behaving like bullies.

    • Byenia says:

      I see what you’re saying about the “post comment” button. Weird. Never done that before. I do not understand the recent changes to this theme. 😛

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