Catching up with a couple of my people today

My dad (the man I refer to as my dad is my former stepdad, the only dad I’ve ever known) called yesterday and we were able to connect by phone today. First time I’ve talked to him in a few months. Not sure if we’ve even chatted since he had his new baby. Kinda weird thinking of him in his 50s pushing around a baby-stroller.  lol

Was a good chat, albeit relatively brief since he was watching after his baby boy. Discussed human irrationality, fear of uncertainty, statistics and how research is often interpreted to the public in ways in which the original researchers themselves did not necessarily intend, and debating with people who go to extremes and expect people to “pick a side” rather than remain open to different angles and positions within a given controversy. Always fun to chat with him since most folks don’t take much interest in these sorts of topics the way he and I do. And to think, he wasn’t a fan of me choosing to pursue a degree in social sciences, and yet social science-related information and political debates are what we wind up discussing more often than not. Probably because I don’t know the first thing about accounting and he hasn’t the patience to try to explain any of that to me, assuming there’s much conversation to be had pertaining to whatever is happening in that field. ha

Anyway, makes me feel better when he does reach out to talk occasionally. I don’t have a lot of interaction with most family members, and for good reason. Nice when some of us can get along and catch up on what’s going on.

On a sad note, though, my best girlfriend called this morning to inform me that her sister’s husband died in a wreck last night. I don’t know her sister hardly at all and never met her husband, but my heart goes out to them. Serious tragedy there. Very unfortunate news. Dad barely remembers her sister either, but I passed along the news to him just the same.

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