Film: “A Good Marriage”

Today I watched “A Good Marriage,” a movie based on a short story by Stephen King. I liked it. A pretty simple film about a marriage that looks perfect to onlookers, up until the wife finds out what crimes her husband has been up to. Then she had to decide how to respond to the situation.

Only problem with it for me is how her husband never was truly brought to justice. His crimes involved sadism and torture, yet he was granted a fairly quick death. Plus everyone except one man was kept in the dark about it all. That’s not satisfying enough for someone like me, but I can understand why a person might opt to go that way, if only for their own convenience. And I suppose what’s done is already done and it’s more important to ensure the carnage stops from there on out.

Hmm…  Not a scary movie. Not terribly emotion-provoking either. Didn’t develop any of the characters in much real depth. Just a tale, a glimpse at one potential slice of this life.  I considered it worth viewing.

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