Early April 2016 update

Ordered a couple new audiobooks on Audible last night: On Writing by Stephen King and The 50th Law by Robert Greene and rap artist 50 Cent.

Began King’s book today and am so far enjoying it. Been a long time since I’ve read anything from Stephen King, having become worn out on his novels back in the mid-’90s. Believe the last one from him I read was Gerald’s Game. But Stephen King’s writings made a strong impression on me during my youth, beginning with reading Cujo when I was 8, that being the longest book from any author I had managed to read up until that point. Scared the living shit out of me for years.  lol  Read a few other titles from him and watched several of his movies over the years. He’s one wordy dude and I got to wishing they wouldn’t pay him according to word count. But his On Writing is different, a bit lighter than his usual fare (for obvious reasons), and actually rather humorous thus far. The man’s an experienced writer, no denying that, so I’m interested to learn more about how he approaches the craft.

The second title mentioned up above, The 50th Law, appealed to me after watching several interviews on youtube of Robert Greene where he discussed his time spent with 50 Cent. Sounded interesting, though I’m not much of a fan of 50 Cent’s music. Used to listen to it some, but haven’t kept up with it over time. Have previously listened to the audio versions of Robert Greene’s books Mastery and The Art of Seduction. He just came back across my radar recently so I’ve decided to give this latest book by him a listen in coming days.

About two weeks away from heading down South. A little nerve-wracking since I need to file taxes before then and pay up my rent for the next couple of months I’ll be away and make sure all the bills are covered. Looked into a gym in my hometown that looks promising, so I’ll be able to keep up on my workouts while on vacation. Longest vacation I’ve taken in my whole life. Some refer to it as a “sabbatical,” so I’m going with that. Sounds good. Rest and downtime, opportunity to visit with family and take it easy, get my head on a little straighter too hopefully. My former companion and I are trying not to rile one another in what time remains, so that’s nice. Fought enough for one lifetime. Will be good for us both to move on in separate directions from here on out. But we’ll see one another around, undoubtedly, seeing as how we live in the same neighborhood. But ah well…doesn’t matter. I’m going to head down South to recharge my batteries so I can be fresh when I come back up this way and embark on some new adventures, such as a shift in employment. Gonna try out some new leads and aim to develop other skills that, with any luck, will prove transferable so that I might eventually be able to move out of this state and see what else this country has to offer. Not that this city and state isn’t very nice…but to hell with this weather. So now I’ll be heading to an opposite extreme where I can complain about the ungodly heat.  ha!

Just needing to find myself a bit. Do some soul-searching from afar. Take up time with my Grandma and cousin’s kid and do some reading and walking and praying. And painting and writing. Less drinking. Maybe sign up for a zumba class at their local gym. Never tried that before. Can’t locate any dance studios down there though, at least not online. Will hunt around to see what they’ve got when I arrive. Because learning to dance sounds like a worthwhile use of my time and energy right about now.

Gonna walk out in the woods near the creek. Gonna listen to the crickets’ racket. Gonna drive around town and see whatever there is to see. Looked up some census info on my home county tonight and see my hometown has grown by a few more hundred people. And a new restaurant opened recently.

Hope my car makes the trip. We put in altogether about $750 toward repairs on it the last couple of weeks. It’s not getting any younger, but taking a rental car down would be cost-prohibitive for this long of a journey.

I feel lucky to be able to take this lengthy of a trip back to my original home. The few I’ve mentioned it around seemed pretty shocked, so I assume this sort of thing isn’t the norm for most folks. That’s a pity. If we don’t have kids, why shouldn’t we roam from time to time? Nothing keeps us here other than bills and jobs. But jobs come and go, as do bills. Not like I’m living the high life up here. haha  Just a relatively humble existence in a rather small apartment with my cat. Oh, my cat—she will be taking a vacation too while I am away. My former companion has agreed to let her stay there where she will be blissed out of her mind since she adores him and his place. Those two are like peas in a pod and can play for hours, so that should work out just fine. Though I don’t believe he’s ever scooped her litter before. Undoubtedly he’ll figure it out. My only concern there is that she might resent me when I come back and bring her back over to the apartment since she prefers to be over at his house.

What else? A couple non-pros have offered to cover some of my appointments while I’m away so that I can maintain my clientele hopefully. Going to look into that further tomorrow to see what perhaps can be arranged.

I do have my people in my corner, and it helps to keep that in mind. For whatever reason up here I’ve gotten to thinking the opposite more often than not. But I should see clearly now how lucky I am to have some of these people in my life. If it weren’t for my best guyfriend this trip wouldn’t even be possible. Never been on a sabbatical before and am looking forward to it. Not looking forward to the fire ants, but hopefully I’ll manage to dodge them all this time around. Very interested in finding an outdoor swimming pool to exercise in and soak up the sun’s rays — those things are rare up in these parts.

Gonna tote along a bunch of books, several audiobooks and obviously everything stored on my phone’s Audible account, plus some exercise videos in case they prove appealing while down there (not enough room currently in this livingroom to exercise to them). Exercise matters and needs to continue while I’m away. It’s the one good habit I’ve managed to adopt this past year.  lol  Looking forward to stepping away from some of my bad habits in going forward. Which feels hard to do here. Just found myself stuck in a rut for quite a while now.

Everybody needs a break from time to time. To get reoriented. To think and ponder on new stuff. To be in different surroundings. To be less hurried for a little while. We place too much importance on the stupid rat race. Always running, to and fro, freaking out and getting stressed in traffic, worrying over spilt milk that shouldn’t matter anymore, getting caught up in habits because they’re convenient and easily accessible. I’m going to go be around a bunch of strangers, seeing as how I barely know anybody anymore where I come from aside from a few family members. In the land of no bars—semi-dry town within a dry county. Should do me good. At least an hour each way if I do feel the need to head to a bar while down there. And maybe I will, and maybe I’ll ask if they need any help with bar-backing, just so I can gain some experience at something new.

Merle Haggard died yesterday. That deserves to be mentioned. And it was on his birthday too. Haven’t read much about it online, but my buddy says people are mourning and seem pretty upset. I can’t imagine why. The man lived a full life. Made it to 79. That’s a good age to throw in the towel. Loved his music and look forward to eventually uploading one of his tunes that I’ve had on the back-burner for several moons now.

What else? Been re-listening to Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art after first listening to it last weekend. Great little audiobook. Highly recommend it to others. Been watching some of his interviews online recently as well. Added a few of his fiction titles to my wishlist for future listening.

That’s about it tonight.

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