“When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong” and other humor for a Saturday afternoon

Long been a fan of Dave Chappelle. One of my favorite comedians of all time. My buddy and I enjoy joking around with tidbits from his shows, particularly from the following two skits.

When “Keeping it Real” Goes Wrong (Brenda):

‘Cuz I keeps it real like that.


From eating popcorn in the comfort of her own home, to eating fruit cocktail off the prison floor…

Hehehe. Never tire of that one.

“Wayne Brady show”:

Is Wayne Brady gonna have to choke a bitch?

rofl  Love that part!

“True Hollywood Stories – Rick James Part 1”:

“True Hollywood Stories – Rick James Part 2”:

Fuck yo’ couch, nigga, fuck yo’ couch!


They should’ve never gave you niggas money!

LOL!  Charlie Murphy’s stories crack me up every time, no matter how many times I re-listen to them.

“Tron Carter’s Law & Order”:

I plead the fifth!

R. Kelly (Parody) – “Piss on You”:

“Kneehigh Park”:

It’s a VD Day…

“The Pregnant Oprah Episode” clips:

I respect Dave Chappelle for standing up for himself and his own interests and backing away from Hollywood. Probably a crazy life to be mixed up in all of that for too long.

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