Madeleine Albright’s “special place in hell”

Glancing through the Feb. 2016 issue of Time Magazine this morning, I came across a fairly recent quote from Madeleine Albright instructing women to support Hillary Clinton in the upcoming election:

“Just remember, there’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other.”

The video footage of her comment can be found here:

Bah! Whatever, lady! People who fall for such shallow guilt trips deserve whatever comes their way in due time. Because Hillary Clinton happens to be a woman doesn’t mean she automatically deserves voters’ support, and we females have NO obligation to throw support behind another person just because she is a woman. BS, purely and utterly. There are as many bad, power-hungry and corrupt, women out here in the world as there are men, in case we haven’t figured that out yet. Having female sex organs is not an automatic indicator of moral scruples nor integrity nor the capacity to handle power justly and fairly. No it is not. Just as history demonstrated that a penis alone wasn’t indicative of a person’s value or foresight to lead others in times past.

This should be glaringly obvious to people by now. So why isn’t it?

Being pro-women’s rights doesn’t mean you have to let your brain fall out and follow any ol’ woman anywhere just because she happens to be female. No. That actually is little more than a bias running in the other direction, a mirror reflection of the misogyny so many take issue with. Doesn’t help level the playing field to swing the pendulum to the opposite extreme nor to mirror the very same simpleton tactics that led prior peoples to support men just because they happened to be men. It’s simple and shallow and ultimately mindless to behave in such a way, regardless of what good intentions you might like to think are motivating you.

The goal was supposed to be, now as we stand firmly in the 21st century, to judge an individual on his or her merits, not simply due to his or her sex. Can we humans never get past utilizing arbitrary criteria for assessing one another, even when it comes to matters where sex is (or arguably should be) largely irrelevant?

I already know the answer is no and that we humans haven’t evolved nearly as far as we like to think that we have. It’s all a big show, another illusion that we hold fast to since it provides yet another reason to pat ourselves on the back so we can feel good about ourselves. Gives us cause to feel more “enlightened” and “progressive” when we embrace the latest fad or ideology because then we get to partake in joining a new herd where we’re encouraged and applauded by our peers for being so “open-minded” and “liberal” and “breaking free” from the past status quo. But you haven’t broken free from anything if you’re letting yourself be led to another designated trough. It’s all a game, folks, and we’re a bunch of suckers for playing along year in and year out without scratching deeper to more clearly see it for what it really is.

But don’t take my word for it. Go ahead and find out for yourselves. Or better yet, let your children and future generations face the harsh reality on down the line. Makes no real difference to someone like me…

I say all of this as someone who’s so sick and fucking tired of the American political shenanigans that I’m nearly to the point of opting out. Been intentionally living under a rock for several years now in an effort to tune out so much of this crap. Not a supporter of any presidential candidate at present, and if I eventually do throw my support behind someone it very likely won’t be for a candidate aligned with either major political party. My bias here isn’t in favor of anybody currently. Have no real issue with Bernie Sanders, for what little I know of him, but I sure as shit will never in my life vote for another Clinton or Bush or anyone even remotely related to them. Those are two families deserving to be shut out of the American political scene, IMO. Had enough of both tribes to suit me for one lifetime.

And can’t say much about Trump other than I think he’s a strange charlatan who in the past actually supported the Clintons, making it seem highly unlikely that he’s converted to being a Republican since. I see him as trying to throw the game in favor of the Democrats by mucking up the Republican side of things, but you can expect such shenanigans when you have a two-party circus like what we have going on in this country. He’s a rich man with an agenda of his own and it doesn’t have a damned thing to do with the rest of us. He’s intentionally making a mockery of our political debates, which should be abundantly obvious.

But go ahead and learn this shit the hard way. We humans are prone to needing to do so, apparently.

Lastly, who is this Madeleine Albright? Heard her name for many years but never concerned myself with who she was before now. Wikipedia states that she served as Secretary of State under Bill Clinton. Ah. That would’ve been in the ’90s when I was a teenager and not yet tracking much of the political happenings in this country (aside from being bombarded by news of Clinton’s Lewinsky affair and the Starr Report that followed — couldn’t escape hearing about that back then and it seemed to trump all else going on at the time). So she’s basically a long-time shill for their camp — it’s understood. But seriously, people, there’s no reason to fall for such cruddy attempts to guilt you into swaying in a particular direction. If someone has to use that sort of “logic” to pull sway, they’re not operating with much substance to begin with. Treat it as a red flag and dig deeper. That applies to Hillary Clinton, Madeleine Albright, or any other ideologue employing such ruses to garner support. Sex organs alone don’t make a candidate worthwhile, and Hillary and her husband have a lengthy history of corrupt dealings that deserve scrutiny every bit as much as any other candidate received.

Have people already forgotten the Whitewater fiasco? Is it still not apparent that Bill Clinton’s administration helped pave the way for G.W. Bush to pull the power grab he did once he was elected into office? Hillary’s a part of that, not some damsel on the outskirts with her power shackled up until now. She was Secretary of State under Obama, and in what ways did she call out the corruption of the preceding administration with its so-called “war on terror” and subsequent further invasion of privacy of the American people and foreign nationals? She didn’t — she went along with it — hook, line, and sinker. She’s part of that System and serves to promote and perpetuate it so far as she continues to benefit from partaking in its upper echelon. How’s that helpful to the vast majority of us out here? It’s not. We’re being duped, and it’s our own damn fault for falling for it time and again.

We indeed will receive the government we deserve…


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