Finished “House of Cards” season 4

Just finished watching the fourth season of the Netflix original series House of Cards this afternoon. Had been waiting for this 4th season to come out, just as I continue to patiently await the next season of Orange is the New Black. But between the two of them I actually turned out to like House of Cards more. Big fan of Kevin Spacey’s work.

Not big into following many television shows (not that Netflix series technically counts as tv shows), but those two I like to watch online. One actually on television that I enjoy following is Bar Rescue. Beyond that, it’s American Dad, Family Guy, and Robot Chicken for me. Maybe Big Bang Theory from time to time. Oh, and watched all of Breaking Bad and then the first season so far of Better Call Saul. And a couple years ago was introduced to Desperate Housewives on Netflix. Not much else. Aside from old reruns of In the Heat of the Night. Plus public television cooking shows from time to time.

No point in mentioning that. Just felt like doing so. Have time on my hands the next few hours before my late work appointment. Been a busy day. Decided to skip the gym class today due to knee pain. Not feeling up to doing much currently.

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