Rihanna music (an exploration)

Grown accustomed to hearing a couple tunes by Rihanna lately since they’re played non-stop everywhere we go. Gives me a sick feeling in the stomach acknowledging out loud that I actually like this first one a bit. But it is what it is. C’est la vie.

“Bitch Better Have My Money”:

Can’t help but like that tune. Just do.

A live performance of “Love the Way You Lie”:

Good performance of that one.

Here’s her video of “Pour It Up”:

Never listened to that song prior to right now. That’s the type of shit from her that turns me off. Yeah, I dig its rhythm. But dang. That’s the most narcissistic, self-aggrandizing, gruesomely apathetic piece of mainstream media I’ve sat with in a minute. Seriously. Reminds me of the ’90s gangsta rap in how we all tended to embrace it despite the lyrics, claiming it was all about the catchy beat. Almost like if we’re sold on the sound, then the lyrics get funneled in subliminally without us fully realizing how they wind up affecting us down the road after countless repetitions beat them into our psyches.

Here’s “What’s My Name? ft. Drake”:

Never heard that song before tonight.

“Man Down”:

Never knew of that one before tonight either. Huh. Hmmm.

Never imagined I’d pause to listen to her songs or watch their corresponding videos. And now that I’ve done so, I’m good for a long time. No need in doing that again. Curiosity now sated in that department.

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