“Philosophy Core Concepts: Epictetus on Habits and Practice”

Dr. Sadler’s lectures on Epictetus have really provided a lot of useful food for thought to me. Receive an email each time a new video comes out on his channel and comb through all he’s filmed previously to find, watch, and re-watch those related to Stoicism in particular. Here’s another good one I spent some time with today:

…actions strengthen or destroy particular faculties…

Deliberate practice and discipline…

Hmm. We’re actually worse off when we give into unworthwhile vices, so we aren’t just remaining neutral but rather become either better or worse over time based on the habits we form and follow, according to Epictetus’ philosophical view. And I like what he said about it not only being about resisting bad habits but also opting for replacing them with good habits so that we improve conditions for ourselves and thus the rest of the world. Important stuff to think about.

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