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You assume humans wouldn’t be better off remaining in caves. lol Or in agricultural societies, as more likely would remain the case. I’m not necessarily sold on the idea that our modern world is the best that’s ever to come. Sometimes it appears that human ambitions have wound us up closer to our species’ eventual demise. But I’m considered a Luddite of sorts and have my own biases there, unrelated to this topic.

Women are not totally incapable and plenty did work long hours in factory jobs that contributed to the rise of our industrialized state. And plenty still do abroad, providing us Americans and other Westerners with so many cheap goods. The view that women are largely useless is absurd. There are useless men and women, yes, just as there are useful ones of both sexes. But economic productivity is not the only basis for measuring one’s worth.

Your men’s movements still further are driving people apart, continuing the project began by most-modern feminists. Neither camps will see their hands are clean when the dust settles. Humans are experiencing problems currently on a lot of levels, sex/gender relations being but one, albeit an important one since it divides and segregates us all in a major way, destroying the communities our species has never been without. And it will take humans, both men and women, to figure out ways to reverse this trend. The answer probably points toward enhancing love in one’s heart since all the reasoning in the world can’t dig us out of this hole and there is a very strong need for connection among those who are capable right about now. Hence why people are running toward political and religious parties and ideologies — they are seeking a sense of belonging somewhere to escape this increasing sense of alienation. It will get harder with time, I don’t doubt it.

And here’s his original comment, for context’s sake:

s2r5d89 6 hours ago (edited)

Let’s face the facts, without men this world will look like it did back in the cave man days. Women are not working in the many jobs that keep our society moving, construction, sewage, HVAC ,etc. etc. These jobs are dirty. cold, dangerous and so on. I have single women living in my street and I see them struggle just to shovel their driveways, life is not rosy without the extra pair of stronger arms. Feminism is about selective equality and I believe it’s mainly by people who are looking for attention.

Feminist are driving females and males apart, you see that with the growth of the mgtow and other mens movements in response to the demoralization that men have been subjected to by feminist and others who jump on their ’cause’ bandwagon . If we want to live in a world where men and women hate, disrespect and distrust each other then keep on trekking in the feminist world. I dont mean the video creator but feminist in general.

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