Not sure what to think of Windows 10

Unfortunately I have been forced to switch from my beloved Windows XP Pro as of early December thanks to my desktop computer finally dying. Electricity went off one afternoon and it never booted up again. Yes, it has a surge protector. Damn thing kept threatening to overheat and die the whole past year. Yes, I took it in and had the fan replaced. Yes, I took the side off the tower and directed a separate fan in that direction. Had this problem repeatedly with the two computers I purchased from a particular local Midwestern company that appears to have since gone out of business (discovered only after driving my dead computer across town in search of help). Dead and gone.  crying

So…now I’ve been thrust into the future whether I like it or not and replaced my old PC with a new HP Envy model that happens to be running Windows 10 Home edition. Ugh…what can I say? It’s a drag having to relearn where everything is, and it’s aggravating to not have easy access to routinely-used folders like my program files. Seems like everything must be searched on how to do it now.

Took me a couple weeks or more to even care about transferring my programs and files from my external drive to this new computer. The holidays were claiming all my energy. But lately I’ve managed to upload my copies of Adobe Photoshop (thought it was lost forever!), Macromedia Dreamweaver MX, and PhotoDirector, and now tonight my many songs and photo files. The rest of the programs can wait until needed. Currently in the process of uploading onto youtube a song, this being the first video I’ve attempted to edit or upload in probably 6 months or more.

But what do I think of this OS? It’s confusing. Heard it’s better than versions 7 and 8 though. Glad to have skipped them then. Wasn’t a fan of Vista in the past. Really was happiest with XP Pro and resent it going away and newer operating systems not being modeled on its easy-to-use design. Tired of the technologies all going by way of catering to stupid smartphones. Let those phones have their own operating systems — why should that impact desktop users? I very rarely use my phone for internet-related business. It’s a phone, and I prefer to leave it as such. Everything needn’t be pandering to touchscreen designs, and I believe it’s a serious mistake to transition too far in that direction. A huge part of what keeps the internet so robust are content creators. But most content can’t be created via smartphones, not if it’s to be worth a damn.

Anyway, not claiming Windows 10 is that entirely dumbed down, but it’s not intuitive for me and requires a lot of searching to find whatever I’m looking for. Like I’m dealing with a whole new machine that was designed without a lot of care for what came before that we may be accustomed to. I understand change is hard, but must everything change so dang frequently? If something isn’t broken, why must it be fixed? And if a particular design and layout is preferred, why not provide that to paying customers? Too often I feel like part of a captive audience to companies like Microsoft where they do whatever they wish, believing we have no real alternatives to rebel toward. And this is why I positively MUST learn and install a Linux OS on the side. Seriously. Needs to happen.


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