Brief journaling on another Sunday afternoon

Holy moly. Recovering today. Went out to a local event last night with my “former companion” (or whatever I am to refer to him as currently) and had a really nice time. We walked there and back, starting the evening off with dinner at one of our favorite little Mexican restaurants. He’s been off work all week due to needing to take his vacation days before they roll over next month, so we’ve been doing some heavy-duty palling around. Not much sleep for us all week, but ah well. Tonight we’ll take it easy and enjoy the meatloaf he’s preparing and try to get to bed early for a change.

Been an interesting period of time, to say the least. Been out bowling a couple times now, played darts on a couple occasions along with pool, and now we’re thinking of going out to see a movie sometime soon (which he normally never wants to do). Even invited him along to my galpal’s birthday party and he participated in the games and got along with everyone. Just been having fun…thankfully. We needed some lightheartedness between us. Had enough drama to suit us for one year.

I do love that man. And I know he loves me too. He’s really been sweet lately, and I’ve been a lot calmer and working on not being so reactive. Learning as we go what does and doesn’t work here. Trying to show one another more respect and appreciation. I feel very grateful that we’re weathering this storm as well as we seem to be now. Feels good to be able to laugh together and play, having gotten a lot of the fighting out of our systems in weeks prior. Looks like we now have a handle on where one another stands and just wish to keep the peace and enjoy one another’s company at this point.

I’m glad that we actively worked through these hardships instead of simply walking away and avoiding one another thereafter. This shift looks like it has positive potential for both of us regardless of where we go from here on out.

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