On the menu this evening…

Pulled Pork Sandwiches. A local grocery store was having a sale on boston pork butts, so I grabbed a 5-lb. one and now have it set on low in the crockpot along with a can of beef broth, a few ounces of dark beer (1554), and onion soup seasoning and garlic powder for adding the flavor I like. That will cook at least for the next 4-6 hours while I go about my day, then I might kick it up to the high setting for the last hour or two before trimming it of fat and pulling the pork apart, adding barbecue sauce, and setting it in the oven under the broiler for a minute so that some of the tips char a little. Then it’s to be packed up and transported to my girlfriend’s place to be shared on buns with a side of chips and dips (and she might be preparing sweet corn too). smile

That’s what’s on the agenda for today.

This recipe has never failed me yet. Tastes better than most pulled pork sandwiches I’ve tried at restaurants. Maybe eventually I’ll get around to making French Dip Sandwiches since nowhere around here makes a good one and mine are very tasty.

Sharing food with friends is part of my aim in finding greater balance in life these days. Always done it some, but nowadays I’m needing to branch out more and meet new friends and to find ways to enjoy their company that doesn’t necessarily involve the barscene. Like biking and taking walks and playing games and sharing meals. And eventually making it to the shooting range (still not gone yet). And maybe bowling and shuffle board and whatever else. This is all part of my gameplan in expanding my little world so that I’m not so stuck in a routine that’s grown boring and counterproductive. Trying to stimulate greater confidence in myself and my abilities so as to feel more emotionally on even keel. Been on too much of an emotional roller-coaster in recent months.

Tomorrow I’m supposed to go with my best guyfriend to sit on the “beach” of a lake to sun ourselves, then out to dinner with him later in the evening.

And Sunday appears to be pretty wide open with only one work appointment for the whole day. Not certain yet how I’ll spend my time that day.

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  1. Midas Mind says:

    I certainly wasn’t expecting to get hungry when I got here. I suppose I should’ve skipped over the recipe to avoid that but,

    it sounds kinda like you’ve reconnected with yourself again in some way.

    And no, I don’t mean your true self is in the kitchen lol.

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