Brief pondering on the retarded use of amazing technologies

Been stuck on stupid long enough. Need to get my mind onto other topics on this thing. Getting bored with our ongoing drama, so let’s shelve it for now.

A thought has occurred to me repeatedly over the years I’ve been perusing youtube comment sections and that is that I’m pretty sure nearly everybody on that site is high and/or drunk when they post comments. Oh, I too have posted my fair share of drunken comments on YT, but damn — is damn-near everybody perpetually inebriated on that site? Because again and again and again I observe how people cannot seem to read what was written or listen carefully to what was spoken in the video, yet they simply must comment. And they like to repeat the same comments, even in the very same threads, again and again and again, as if they think they’re coming up with something original.

Is it just the nature of the medium? Is that more so the result of people using smartphones to interact online nowadays? Maybe so. Perhaps utilizing such a tiny touchscreen has totally transformed the way people use the internet, reducing everything down to quick soundbites and tidbit talking-point comments with atrocious grammar/spelling.  *shrugs*

All I know is I’m still operating with a desktop and rarely use the new smartphone for internet perusing. It’s a phone and I prefer to treat it as such since it’s not very handy for much beyond quickly googling something for reference purposes or to check work-related emails that require timely responses. I was afraid that technology would further dumb down the internet and its users, and it looks like I may be right. Unfortunately.

Imagine if people are not only using smartphones but also are high/drunk while doing so. Hmmm. How much you want to bet that’s going on? Especially among youths. And barhounds. I observe plenty of people screwing around on their smartphones and tablets while out at the bar. Some admit to arguing with people on facebook, and facebook is a short leap from Youtube and Twitter and wherever else people are able to act a fool online. Acting a fool is a favorite pastime for many these days, especially when they’re able to remain anonymous.

I have no greater point to this post. Just observed again today, for the thousandth time, idiots acting like idiots online. And I get to wondering if they actually aren’t decent people in-person, just that we’d never know it based on what drivel they feel the need to spew online. Because being a hater is great fun apparently. As is going all-in with any new ideology that strikes one’s fancy.


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  1. Wyrd Smythe says:

    From my perspective the internet neighborhood has been going downhill ever since the non-technical people started showing up in the mid-to-late 1990s. Back before it was the interweb, it was the internet, and you had to have some tech savvy to be there at all.

    It’s not so much that there were fewer assholes (although I think there was) so much as it was a better class of asshole. More educated, more *prepared*, and far, far less mindless. More of the online battles were fun and educational back then, rather than the sad, pathetic excuses for “debate” that obtain now.

    There were two, maybe three, sea changes since I’ve been online in the mid-1980s. All have made it easier for the mentally unwashed to participate in the great internet experience.

    Firstly, Windows and the Mac brought computers to people who didn’t understand computers. And while I’m very much in favor of that in general terms, I’d prefer, as with all children, that they kept out of sight and hearing. At least until they grow up.

    The anonymity available — the safety of hiding behind your keyboard — does bring out the worst in some people. And you’re right that face-to-face they’d probably behave differently (but which is their true nature, eh?). It’s exactly the same thing that goes on with people flipping you the bird from the safety of their cars.

    Secondly, the “web” and it still astonishes me how that simple idea (circa 1991-ish) just exploded in such a short time into what it is now. It’s jaw-dropping that the interweb is, at best, 20-and-some-change years old. Given that it really didn’t take off until around 2000, it’s still a teenager. And frequently acts like one.

    i was there at the beginning, and I was so certain it would never catch on. So slow and chunky it was back then. Who’d want to wait for a page and its images to load? What was the point of all that “frippery”. Ironically it was invented by a guy at CERN so scientists could share their work.

    Still, stuff like Wikipedia and many other resources are awesome. As a computer programmer, I learned long ago that the interweb could answer just about any question or problem I ran into. It’s a massively valuable resource. It’s just a pity about all the assholes, but such is life.

    Thirdly, mobile devices, and I think you’re right on that these are creating an interweb environment with a serious TL;DR mentality, a love of videos, and a disdain for reading. I’ve got no upside for this one. It’s pure shit in my mind. The idea of accessing the world through a tiny screen just screams IDIOT to me in huge letters. I basically equate “head down in their phone” with “useless waste of skin who doesn’t deserve free oxygen.”

    Fucking smartphone users just make me crazy. I can only hope evolution kicks in and that they’re all too busy playing Angry Birds or whatever with their electronic leashes to spawn so they die out and let the actual humans get on with things.

    WordPress (dot com) has been making lots of changes to its interface, and they’re clearly designed to facilitate mobile devices. Which is fine, but they don’t *add* new features so much as change existing ones so us “long form” bloggers and desktop users find things more difficult.

    People may not have changed in thousands of years, but the world sure has.


  2. Midas Mind says:

    I think a lot of people reserve their free and contradictory thinking from their everyday interaction so heavily (social conformity anyone?) that it gets pent up to trigger happy levels, whence they proceed to relieve the itch onto the electronic scene because the repercussions seem ineffective. This all been hashed over before, I know.

    YT specifically though, I assume has something to do with the attention span of people dependent on video format for information input.

    Of course this is just the rationalization of one who hopelessly practices optimism in regard to the capability of their fellow humans. I obviously can’t present any evidence contrary to the theory that we’re all either dicks, pussies, or assholes.

    • Byenia says:

      Yah. Repressed feelings to trigger-happy levels sounds about right. And I get it. But maybe I just happen to be far more prone to go ahead and run my mouth in person if I feel the need, hence less repression and thus less tolerance for those who act mousy day-to-day and then come to vomit all over the internet. 😛

      • Midas Mind says:

        We both know that’s a good thing, I say…

        Personally I’ve always found online interaction as a chance to find more peace and depth in my social interactions. And if you don’t like the people where you are, well you just go somewhere else. It’s so easy, why inflame it with conflict?

        If there’s one thing that makes this different is that no matter who’s saying what, the thought has to stay in their mind just a little bit longer before it’s committed to the public. Some of the spontaneity is lacking. There’s no more “balls” factor for throwing some crazy shit out there and getting the public behind you.

        Course there’s video chat but that turns into a whole different ballgame.

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