This has been a crazy week. Not gonna go into the details since I really need to post up less of my personal stuff on this thing. Just really been a strange last few days, though it’s been for the best. Closure is near if not already here.

I am emotional tonight, after a very long conversation with him today, but I’m going to keep this shit among my closest friends. It’s been an interesting last 4 years, to say the least, and now that chapter of my life is closing and turning to the next. I will always love him. He remains among my people, despite everything. This relationship has taught me a lot that I hope to improve from as a result. Never again going to do what I did to him. It wasn’t fair or right. And I do wish him happiness even if it’s with someone I’m not particularly keen on anymore. He does deserve happiness in his life.

And here we go. Into the future. I am trying very hard to figure all of this out, though I am obviously slow about doing so. I want things to improve for all involved. He is not my enemy and never truly was, despite how things seemed for a minute there. And I didn’t mean to turn on him either back before or lately. It’s just been a clusterfuck, and I acknowledge my responsibility in all of this. He’s not a bad man. He’s a good man overall, and he means well. I try to mean well too. Gotta try harder.

I look forward to us being able to be friends again eventually. He was very kind to me today, and that meant a lot. I am very grateful we finally worked this out in a way that we both can understand.

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