Painted it black

My hair, that is. Just dyed it. Been a while since I’ve done so. Let it go back to close to my natural color in recent years, which is a dark brown with reddish/copperish tones. But today it’s solid black. Haven’t dyed it black in many years, perhaps since my teenagehood.

Some change might do me good. Trying to rewire my whole circuitry over here, from top to bottom, inside and out. Superficial changes along with inner development. All is an ongoing process.

Anyway, last night I was out at the bar (shocker, right? drinking) and there was this young couple who came in, arguing with one another and drawing a little bit of attention to themselves. Well, my guypals and I couldn’t help but notice and our first impression was that the gal of the duo was perhaps being a bitch. Overheard her saying something to him about how she can go off and find someone else. We shrugged it off as games people like to play with one another. They were both very drunk when they arrived. But later my pal noticed the young man had blood on his shirt and also in his mustache, so I quietly let him know that he should probably go wash his face, and he seemed a bit sheepish about it. When I interacted with the guy he seemed very polite, friendly, disarming. Anyway, about an hour later or so I’m outside and a woman is calling to the young girl who’s stumbling across the parking lot making her way home. The young man had drove off and left her. Someone called her a cab and I pitched in toward her fare, just because. Well, after she left my guypal says that he found out they’d been fighting before arriving at the bar and that young man had headbutted her, hence why he was bleeding and she had a bit of a goose egg on her forehead.  Hmmm. I don’t like to hear that. Bad deal there. He said/she said. Hmmmm.

Lots of good actors in the world. They’re everywhere. Hence why I never trust my first impressions of people.

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