My Jekyll & Hyde

Depression and alcohol do not mix.

I have a problem and therefore cannot drink alcohol anymore. Cold turkey. Yep. Absolute must. I have allowed this substance to turn me into someone I can’t stand. It blurs my judgment and is disrupting my life. This I have a responsibility to no longer allow to go on. Kept trying at cutting down on drinking several times and failed because my will power has been shit, but TODAY that changes: Tuesday, July 21, 2015. PERIOD.

No longer will I tolerate or make excuses for my behavior. I want (and need) to enjoy quality relationships with good people without risking screwing that up while not in my right mind. Alcohol has been involved in nearly all of the bad choices I’ve made in recent years, so it has to go. I cannot and will not allow this to continue.

Currently support is available and being offered up, so I’m taking it, very gratefully. This is the day. I will kick my ass and make this stick. There can be no self-forgiveness without this change being enforced.

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2 Responses to My Jekyll & Hyde

  1. Wyrd Smythe says:

    “Was apparently rude to another buddy a few days back and can’t remember what I said.”

    That’s a pretty big warning sign.

    Good luck! Take it one day at a time. All you have to do is not drink today. And definitely take all the support you can get!

    • Byenia says:

      Yep. Big warning sign. I’ve hit the point of no return. Apparently cannot control myself properly and therefore must leave it all alone. But this is probably for the best and I don’t doubt better opportunities will arise as a result.

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