July 1st journaling

This past week I’ve become engrossed in the show “House of Cards” (available on Netflix). In the middle of the second season now.

Boiled a big batch of peanuts last night and froze half of it for future snacking. Southern delicacy right there. Midwesterners can’t appreciate them, but so what? Bunch of transplanted Krauts up this way. I don’t care for some of their cuisine either.

What else? Haven’t actually managed to stick strictly with my drying out plan. But I did significantly cut down after 4 days of abstaining. Been staying away from my new preferred bar, just allowing the two weeks to pass before returning so that I can get my head clearer before then. [Update: Nixed the notion of staying away from my new preferred bar after week 1. No use visiting other watering holes when I’m happiest hanging out there.] Drinking is part of my lifestyle, so the main goal is to treat it more moderately, not to give it up entirely. Not terribly proud of myself in terms of my will power shown this past week, but there’s time enough to keep trying. And the semi-break has done me good overall. Aside from luring me into eating a bit more than I ought to, which I’m now having to exercise off. Trade one bad habit for another — isn’t that how it usually goes? But, once again, the ultimate goal is moderation, not transforming into a teetotaler. Sippin’ only tap water, seltzer water and tea at home. Still, staying cooped up in this apartment all evening unnerves me, hence why I do like to go out for at least an hour or so most nights. Ah well. We’ll see what this week brings…

Been sticking with my exercise regimen diligently though, and am aiming to ramp it up some more so as to drop more weight more quickly. Gotten to where exercise feels less daunting, like less of a chore and more enjoyable. Headed to the gym twice today and might keep that up over the next week while my trainer is on vacation.

Finished up a couple of books last week, one being War of Worldviews by Leonard Mlodinow and Deepak Chopra, the other being the last few pages of Dr. Peter Breggin’s Toxic Psychiatry that I’d put on hold. Appreciated them both. Began reading What Is Life? by Lynn Margulis and Dorion Sagan (Carl Sagan’s wife and child) and am enjoying it very much due to the writing style. Been taking myself out to restaurants more frequently lately, providing an opportunity to read and relax. Perhaps I should look into coffee houses instead.

Not much else to report. Listening to tunes, like usual. Listening to lectures and playing games online in the evenings when not watching my show or finding something else to get into. I am a bit bored, admittedly. Not too sure what to do with myself currently. But I’m taking the approach of one day at a time. Also trying to reignite my mojo…slowly but surely.

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