“Joe Rogan on Rape Culture and Feminism”

An excerpt from a Joe Rogan podcast on Rape Culture and Feminism:

Came across this clip tonight. See, it’s this type of shit,  the cases they’re discussing and how off the hook the Law has become in the U.S., that just grinds my gears. This is Orwell’s nightmare unfolding right before our eyes. And it’s this type of nonsense, along with so much else, that really makes me nervous about the future. We’re anxiety-ridden because we should be. This shit’s unnerving.

I don’t want the government deciding for me about my sex life and whether I’m able to consent to sex after having a few drinks. And I don’t want to see the sexes wind up completely polarized because they’re being taught to regard one another as the enemy on various fronts. It’s not cool for college administrators to set up tribunals to handle sex crime allegations on campuses — if it’s a criminal matter with criminal consequences, shouldn’t the criminal justice system be the ones handling these cases? Yes.

Look, I really do get how blurry the lines can be when it comes to sex, especially when alcohol is involved, but people are losing their minds over all of this. We all are confronted with consequences to our choices and actions whether we like it or not. I’m a barhound with a decade of experience with hook-ups and the games people play, and I have to say that there really is a difference between sex that wasn’t very good or a guy being a bit of a jerk versus a true-blue rape occurring. People keep screwing around with this term “rape” to where now it’s become so watered down that it can mean practically anything, and that does more harm than good for folks who truly and really were sadistically violated. This does a disservice to all of us.

Furthermore, we women do have voices. We can say “no.” We really can. And we can be forceful about it. We can turn and leave. We can reject advances. If you put a man in his place firmly, he’s not likely to go ahead and attack you. And if he was then you’d be up the creek without a paddle anyway if you’re trapped in a private space with him. Some guys will go ahead and push on, and that’s not cool if you’re serious about wanting it to stop, but I have to say that I think we females can put out a bunch of mixed messages. And that gets us into talk about gender roles and males being more inclined to pursue because women tend to like to be pursued, but I’m not opening that can of worms tonight.

The thing is that sexuality is a complex affair, yet people seem to think they can somehow “sanitize” it through legal means. I don’t think they can. It’s just going to go off the rails more than it has already and further polarize the sexes since everybody’s being taught to be terrified of getting screwed over. Being held down and treated like your feelings don’t matter does suck. But I’d argue not as much as being punched and painfully violated and menaced to the point where you honestly think your life is in jeopardy. Yet people want to conflate these as if they’re one and the same and warrant the same level of punishment, as if there’s no discernible difference between the degrees of the threat posed. Then we bring in this notion that all sex needs to be kept sober or else it too qualifies as rape and is punishable to the same extent and it just gets frickin’ ridiculous.

People can be cruel, and that’s not cool. But this aim to demonize everybody else is alienating and will only exacerbate the tensions. What we need is more respect flowing in all directions right about now, not another excuse for a witch-hunt or more laws on the books. But that’s my pipe dream. Surely we’ll keep right on plowing our way to hell, like we always do. Then however many decades down the line people will be reminiscing about the good times back when people still could love one another. Or perhaps they will have forgotten what love even is by then. Maybe they’ll consider pornographic, rapey sex to be the norm and the segregated sexes will treat one another with scorn. And maybe they’ll all be sitting around monitors, taking in the required doses of propaganda while being monitored, made terrified to step out of line in any way and risk being labeled a criminal. And maybe all of life will turn topsy-turvy and the language and historical knowledge will be manipulated to where nothing makes sense anymore other than to do as you’re told. Maybe. Doesn’t seem quite as far-fetched as it once did, does it?

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