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I was just informed that footage from a student loan-related video I uploaded to youtube in 2012 was included in a documentary titled “Scholarship.” Just verified that it’s true. Hmm. That same person notified me in the past that my video’s footage had also been included in another documentary titled “Ivory Tower” that is charging people approximately $6 to view it on youtube, so I haven’t verified that one yet. No one involved in making these documentaries ever mentioned this to me. Hmmm.

Strikes me as kinda strange that they wouldn’t let me know about this upfront. Are videos uploaded to youtube no longer my property? And I don’t see how creative common use would allow them to use my footage in films sold for profit. Seems a bit underhanded considering these are videos about student loan debt where they included my footage about mine that they wouldn’t kick a few coins my way for contributing content. Hmm.

Ah well. What can I do? Welcome to the internet age, I guess.

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  1. Wyrd Smythe says:

    It depends on what YouTube’s user license says. I believe Facebook’s said anything you uploaded became *their* property. It wouldn’t surprise me if YouTube is similar. They may have negotiated with YT for the rights, or they might be using clips in technical violation of copyright. Either your or YT do own those videos. Normally it would be you, but uploading to YT might change that.

    If they *are* violating your copyright, you can get them shut down. Of course, that means getting a lawyer, so you’d have to feel it was worth the hassle and expense. You can always contact them directly to see what the situation is. They might be hoping no cares enough to object.

    • Byenia says:

      Yeah, not about to deal with a lawyer over something like this. And I assume they are violating copyright since youtube has DMCA protections that users can file to protect their content. But I’m not too worried about it either way, seeing as how these are just documentaries about student loans. Just struck me as kinda uncool that they didn’t reach out to inform the people whose content they borrowed. But ah well. Glad it wasn’t any of my other content and that it wasn’t used maliciously. Then I might take a different stance on the matter.

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