Even the wicked need rest

Sleep is eluding me again. Woke up after 3 hours of sleep and have been lying around ever since. Turned the muted television off. Readjusted the fan. Still coughing up a lung over here with this chest cold. Blankets on, blankets off. Irritating thoughts like to greet me most mornings lately. Aim to block them out by petting the cat, rolling around, trying to distract myself with other thoughts, not that that ever works.

Have places to be today, beginning in the next hour. Three hours of sleep isn’t enough to function all the way through until tonight. Supposed to start my gym boot camp class today, and it’s a question now if I’ll feel up to it. We’ll see. Napping during the daytime is tricky for me.

I love sleep but sleep doesn’t seem to love me anymore. Shouldn’t have to drug myself in order to get enough sleep each day. Not that over-the-counter sleep aids tend to work. Nervous of Lunesta since I don’t wish to become a sleepwalker. Melatonin never had much effect. Theraflu and Nyquil work the best in zonking me out, but after 4 hours or so I pop right back up.

Always been a night owl but it used to be where I could sleep in as late as I wanted when my schedule permitted. That ceased being the case over time.

So, going to go lay back down for the next 45 minutes until it’s time to go since I’m not yet ready to be fully awake and in motion.

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  1. Wyrd Smythe says:

    Sleeping in seems to become much harder as one ages. Teens often sleep until past noon with no effort. I need to stay up until 6 AM or so to pull that off. Six hours is a pretty full night’s sleep for me, although five is more common.

    And obviously mental stress is a real bitch when it comes to a good night’s sleep.

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