Weight loss update for late May

Suppose I could elaborate a little more on how the workouts are going. As stated previously, I do weight-lifting with my trainer Mondays and Fridays and then come in on other days to do cardio on my own. Been a member of this gym since last summer, but really didn’t feel fully committed until the last 9-10 weeks or so. Prior to signing on with this gym, my weight had gotten up to a whopping 195 lbs. — the highest it’s ever been (the second highest weight I’d been at, 185 lbs., occurred over a decade back while with my then-husband after getting on Depo Provera birth control shots — that method proved to be a total bummer in that respect).

Currently I’m down to about 172 lbs. and am glad to see the scale consistently drop in recent weeks. Lost nearly 15 lbs. in just these last 6 weeks alone. Partly because I lost my appetite for a while there, which turned out to be good in that I’m more careful about portion control since. Of course, the weight-lifting is also building my muscles up, which weigh more than fat, so that offsets the weight loss a bit, though I’m noticing changes in my physique and already am fitting into a couple pairs of jeans that I haven’t worn in over a year. Basically shifting from a size 14 to a size 12, with my end goal being to slim down back to a size 10. That’s a comfortable, attractive size for my frame.

Not worrying over the scale much and don’t keep one at my apartment, but loosely my aim is to reduce down to approximately the 155 lbs. range. So I’m halfway there.

Key goals at present are to build up muscle particularly in my arms, reduce fat overall, and basically strengthen all muscle groups while improving my endurance. Trying to trick myself into loving sweating. ha  Never liked to sweat, but ah well. It’s necessary.

I’ve dropped the weight before and am now doing it again. Was difficult to feel motivated while still tangled up in my previous relationship because I got to feeling so low much of the time. Plus, he was a good cook who liked to prepare fattening dishes. Plus, there was cortisol, the stress hormone, to contend with. And I grew more sedentary since I didn’t feel like being out and around most people for a couple of years there. Depression reared its ugly head, as it does from time to time. A perfect storm of events zapped a lot of my will power for quite a while there.

Now the storm has passed. Thankfully.

My trainer is starting up a new boot camp workout program in June that’s free for all of us who are already members, so I’m planning on taking part in that as well. Probably will reduce our training sessions to 1 per week since the boot camp runs 4 days a week itself. So basically this might be how I spend my late afternoons M-F in June. He thinks it’ll be good for me, and I have nothing to lose other than to ramp up my weight loss. Already accustomed to most of the equipment and perhaps circuit training will make it a bit more interesting and faster-paced.

All I know is I have a closet full of cute clothes I haven’t worn in a long time, and I’m tired of feeling as frumpy as I have the last couple of years. Plus, exercise is good for my body and mind overall. With greater sex appeal does come a measure of power, and regaining my power is what it’s all coming down to lately. I gave it away but now am reclaiming it. One step at a time…

Other ambitions will be tackled on down the road. Currently I just want to keep things simple and focus narrowly on reshaping my body.

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  1. Wyrd Smythe says:

    I said it last post; I’ll say it again: Brava!!

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