“Man plans and God laughs.”

Perspective shifts by the hour…

Some hours I feel very serious and contemplative and mired in. Other hours I feel a little lighter, humored even. Life is crazy, life is mad — that being one of my favorite lines in a song by Enigma. Just is what it is. Nobody’s perfect and we humans love to make a mess of what’s before us. Just prone that way, I guess. Perhaps it’s in our DNA. The need to create is the flipside of the inclination to destroy and to try to control. We like to focus on the one side while trying to pretend the other isn’t a part of us as well, but it most definitely is. Feels to me like the sooner we come to terms with that as individuals, the better off we’re likely to be.

A blog I’ve been reading regularly lately that tends to cheer me up a bit is called Altucher Confidential. That just happens to be the link to the post I’m looking at currently, though I’ve read quite a bit on there so far. Useful stuff. Gets pretty raw in places, which is what I’m able to identify most with. Helps to put things in perspective when we hear or read honest stories from others who are willing to be open and real. Helps one to feel like less of a freak, since, truth be told, we’re all freaks.  ha

Sometimes I do just have to laugh at the absurdity of it all. Mine and everybody else’s. Crazy creatures, we are. No getting around that. Neurotic to the bone, no doubt about it — to quote lyrics from Green Day.

Per that blog post linked above, I used to know some daytraders, and yes, they were miserable people, and yes, they lost all their money in the end. They too were playing with investments back around 2003 before going belly up. That struck me as one of the most neurotic lifestyles one could get involved in. The fellow investors they thought were their friends weren’t around any longer once they went broke. I watched it tear up one guy’s family relations as well. He actually had been someone I dated back in high school, though we’re no longer speaking since a few years ago when I grew tired of putting up with his poor treatment. He was a very arrogant man, not a good friend. Flighty and always chasing unrealistic dreams while hanging with cruel people and emulating them. One day I had no more time for that and simply stated I no longer wished to be his friend, and neither of us have attempted to contact one another since. Don’t know what became of him or his brothers and am not too concerned either way. Just somebody I used to know…

Known all sorts of people and witnessed all sorts of bad ideas implode or explode. Everybody’s searching for something…

As am I. Whoever told us there was an easy script to follow toward success in this life lied to us. There are no guarantees out here. None. There’s just you and me and a bunch of other people all trying to figure shit out and find our way through this life. That’s all there really is. Of course the devil is in the details. It’s in the how and the why.

I especially appreciate the Yiddish proverb James Altucher referenced in the blog post linked above:

Man plans and God laughs.


One minute we take things too seriously, the next not seriously enough. Full of lofty ideas and ambitions while remaining tethered to and frequently enough dominated by our primal desires, regardless of whether we realize it or not.

The tragicomedy that is human life goes on and on and on…

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