As business picks up and springtime rolls on…

Still pretty darn tired. Gotta love insomnia…

Ate a gas station hot dog as my meal for the day. tongue_out  Health obviously isn’t my primary concern. heh  But I forgot to eat yesterday and only had a salad and a couple pretzels the day before, so a few bites were needed before tackling my best guyfriend’s lawn this afternoon. Have mowed it for him I believe 4 times so far this year, plus one day we planted a few trees, and another day I pulled up weeds. It’s useful exercise and he deserves a helping hand. He’s done so much for me over the years. A truly good guy. Lucky to have him in my life this past decade.

Not much else to report today. Just working and gearing up for a fairly busy Memorial Day weekend (I work on all holidays). And chillin’ at the bar when time permits and the night’s work is complete. Planning on staying in on most Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays going forward since I can’t stand that auto-tune crap younger folks mistake for music. Conversations aren’t possible when the tunes are blaring and the place is packed, so I think I’ll opt to go out on calmer nights instead, at least for a while. Keeping it simple is the name of the game right about now.

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