One problem with getting older

About two or three years ago I developed a lovely malady: nerve pain in my lower back and hips that sometimes runs down my leg. It’s a total bastard when it’s bad and can keep me from being able to lay down or sit anywhere comfortably. Woke up with that pain again today and had to break down and take a muscle relaxer since it hurt that much. Only take those pills when absolutely necessary, and today’s bout felt like the worst I’ve had in a while. Thought it was getting better. I try stretching it out, using wraps on my calf, icing my lower back, obviously been exercising — it’s just relentless in that this pain never completely leaves and likes to come back in full force when I least expect it and with no discernible rhyme or reason. Like it has a mind of its own.

Sucks. My friend who underwent a back surgery a decade ago and who recently had to undergo an MRI for a bulging disc in the same area thinks I might have a similar problem. But no health insurance means the doctors I’ve gone to so far with this are pretty useless. Was lucky when one finally at least prescribed these muscle relaxers, and I treat them like gold since god knows if I could get them to write another prescription, seeing as how there’s been this major crackdown on prescribing pain medications thanks to some new state and federal changes. Just a PITA for anyone living with unrelenting physical pain.

This pain seemed to be letting up for the most part in recent months. Definitely better than it was in 2013-summer of 2014. Though the muscle relaxers can’t completely alleviate it. Impossible to get comfortable doing anything when it’s bad. Just totally sucks.

That’s the problem with being a bipedal species…we’re prone to back problems over the course of time.

Was a bit of a bummer since I had decided to stay in last night to watch movies and was hoping to catch up on sleep. Sleep is always a bit of a battle on a normal day as has been the case for years, and that pain cropping up surely doesn’t help in that department. Praying that it reduces back down to the more manageable level it’s been at in recent months, because when that pain revs up strong it really takes a toll. And physical pain tends to link back into emotional pain to where it just makes everything harder to cope with. Really hoping to avoid dealing with that combo right now.

Update Nov. 2016: Exercising regularly turned out to help alleviate a lot of this pain. Not all of it, but it’s a lot better than it was. Working out with a gym trainer was my first step, then I joined his class M-Th for several months until our little gym closed its doors for good. Now I train with that same trainer a couple days a week and joined another gym where I work on both cardio and weights. Also go on bike rides occasionally, which prior to last summer I hadn’t done in years. Has helped.

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