More late-night tunes for April

Just got in from a fun night out. Met a couple new people and got to see one of my favorite bartenders from a bar I so rarely have visited in recent years but plan on visiting more frequently going forward. Cool place. Just not in my immediate neighborhood is the only problem. So I cut off early and sipped water the rest of the night, trying to be responsible and all. Anyway, numbers were exchanged and I look forward to hanging out with those folks again in the future.

That’s the nice thing about this recent complete break from what I’ve been hung up in is it’s propelled me back out into society, and I’ve actually been reminded a few times this past couple of weeks that people do dig my company and that life indeed does go on. Looks like it’s not going to be so bad after all. Taking to the scene again better than I figured I might. But this time around I’m not interested in hookups like I was in the past. Nope, especially not anytime soon. Just looking to chill and socialize and am being totally upfront about that. Needing some “me time” right about now. Needing some change in scenery and a chance to just exhale.

That Samoan bartender buddy was very welcoming. Always lifts my spirits being around that dude. Good guy. Family man. Observed him for years. He’s a straight-shooter. I respect that. And very friendly. Was good to head out that way tonight.

So now, onto tunes that I was listening to on the way home, beginning with Tom Petty’s “Running Down a Dream”:

Here’s another I’ve enjoyed for many years now, Moby’s “Flower”:

Adore those songs…

Let’s see what else we can find. Here’s another I love, Hank Williams Sr.’s “Ramblin’ Man”:

Yup. A lot of truth in that little tune. I just can’t help it entirely…

Here’s Lucinda Williams performing “Foolishness” (goes into the song about the 1:30 mark):

For good measure, another good one from Lucinda Williams:

That was “Everything But The Truth.”

A goodie, The Rolling Stones’ “Gimme Shelter”:

“The Chain” by Fleetwood Mac:

One I’ve loved since it first came out, Aerosmith’s “Deuces Are Wild”:

Very cool song.

Another very cool song, Johnny Cash’s “What is Truth?”:

Fell in love with this song back in the ’90s:

Linda Perry & Grace Slick singing “Knock Me Out.” Grew more meaningful over time…

Music can serve as useful therapy. Experience these tunes differently depending on our frame of mind and experiences at the time. Helps me at least. Some of it might look like self-torture to onlookers, and I wonder about that sometimes, but I guess it’s just a quirk of my nature. Am I a masochist? lol I don’t rightly know anymore. ha

Anyway…carrying on…Gerry Rafferty’s “Get It Right Next Time”:

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