“Laws control the lesser man. Right conduct controls the greater one.”

That quote above is attributed to Mark Twain.

Well, looks like The Justicar is still at it in defending his NAMBLA-supporting position to do away with age of consent laws entirely. Before anybody says shit to me on this, I’ve already watched the man’s first three videos on this subject and today I listened to most of the fourth. I know people like to assume that you must be “completely ignorant” to pipe up with disagreements (strangely enough), but that’s not the case here. I disagree with that motherfucker because his “logic” in this instance is shit and his argument style is purely deflective, and furthermore, he’s advocating for something that in no way would improve conditions for kids in the U.S.

So, anyway, here’s what I chose to say to him today:

Jesus. You won’t give up on this topic, will you? It does not make worthwhile sense to do away with the age of consent laws and then require each minor in question to go to the police and defend themselves in court and somehow demonstrate their inability to meaningfully consent to sex with a grown adult. That would be too taxing on the system itself and would be far more complex for law officers and members of the public to understand.

Furthermore, it would improve nothing for the youths of society. The only people you’re impressing with your arguments here are rebellious teenagers who pine for more independence and NAMBLA-supporting adults who’d like to take advantage of the situation if ever age of consent laws were stricken from the books.

I’ve watched and read enough out of you to see that your game here is to jump back and forth across topics in an attempt to confuse the key topic actually up for discussion. You’re obviously not interested predominantly in changing the laws as they pertain to teenagers (despite playing around as if that’s the central focus), but rather wish to do away with all legal protections even for pre-teen minors. Arguing that they may begin puberty around age 8 still says nothing about their emotional maturity or ability to meaningfully consent to sex with a much older adult. And youths’ math skills tell us nothing at all in relation to their sexual maturity and is therefore irrelevant.

Because you, as a 9-year-old, chose to perform fellatio on a 20-something-year-old guy doesn’t make that right and it certainly doesn’t make it ideal for others to follow in your footsteps. God only knows what happened to you before then (besides problems with your mother that you’ve mentioned on various occasions) that propelled you toward acting out sexually in such a manner, but that’s neither here nor there since YOU and your personal experiences are not set as the base norm worthy of being applied to all others. To do so would be ludicrous.

You apparently lack the compassion to allow youths to be youths and to explore whatever they’re going to explore among their peers and instead are arguing for adults to inject themselves into the scenario, while doing away with age of consent laws so that children OF ANY AGE would then have to act as adults by reporting the case to police and submit to being put through the legal process in an effort to legally STOP those who are indeed taking advantage of youths. What this basically is arguing for is to shift nearly all of the responsibility from the adult to the minor in question, regardless of their age. If they remain quiet, then you and your ilk gleefully presume that no crime or offense took place. But you know as well as I do, assuming you ever really were a cop, that children are the least likely to report sexual abuse out of any demographic. There already are plenty out here who’ve suffered real sexual abuse at the hands of adults, yet they never went to police and many never even told a family member (or weren’t believed if they did). You’d be making those youths more vulnerable, and all for what? So some of you and your pals can get your jollies without legal consequences?

Sick fuck.

Was burnt out on this topic over a week back already. But it sucks to remain silent when people advocate shit like that.

Was I being a bit hyperbolic and reactively bitchy there? Yep. Justicar (a.k.a integralmath) irritates me to no end. I don’t buy his stated claims that this comes down to how illogical and arbitrary our age of consent laws are. Nope. Viewed and read enough from him to seriously doubt he has his heart anywhere near the right place on this matter. And since he behaves like a bitchy queen himself, he’d rather throw around insults than try to clearly explain what the hell he’s driving at with all of this. So I don’t owe him much in the way of decency.

Btw, I screen-captured his claims about his sexual experiences as a 9-year-old from one of his past videos in the series’ comment section, which can be viewed here. Though I recommend others not only watch or listen to his videos but to actually read a wide array of his responses in the comment sections as I have done. They tell you a lot more about this man’s mindset than his snarky video footage cared to.

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