A calm Saturday afternoon

Lounging on this drizzly Saturday. Worked out with my trainer a couple hours ago, then showered and braided my hair and lacquered my nails. Went through the hallway closet to rummage around, which always feels like Christmas due to rediscovering stuff long forgotten about, and found some things to add to the box of stuff to be given away. Currently chilling with the window open and the fan running, just feeling comfortable in my own skin for a change.

Reflecting on some things my friend said last night and was right about…

The rest of this month promises to be leisurely since I don’t have clients heading out of town again until May. Which means no early morning or late night appointments. Kinda feels like the universe is providing me the opportunity to just chill and relax and work on me. Very thankful for that.


Maybe tomorrow I’ll finally feel up to baking cream cheese pound cakes to share with my people. Been meaning to do that since Christmas and just never got around to it. It’s an amazing recipe that always comes out terrific and is one of the few desserts I feel confident making and then sharing with others as a gift.

Currently listening to Lorelei La speak:

Her voice is soothing and her talks are interesting.


Update: Haven’t gotten around to making the pound cakes yet. Just still not feeling up to it.

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