The End – The Doors

Set to fairly graphic war footage:

Honestly, I know people don’t like to hear it, but so far as someone like myself is concerned, this is indeed the end. Obsolescence. No country for those harboring old ways of thinking and out-dated dreams. I’ve had little choice but to try my best to come to terms with this.

Naysayers pop up routinely to try to argue with me on this point, as if logic and reasoning alone might do the trick. It cannot. I’ve looked far and wide, up and down, inside and out — the reality is we live in rapidly changing times that not all of us can or will adapt to. I assume acknowledging this bothers others because they feel most secure when the rest of us help reassure them it’s going to be all right, that it’s going to work out in the end. But I cannot offer you that. Only my sincere apologies.

But we still work with what we’ve got in the meantime, for however long we are here. And we still work with whom we’re able on what we’re able. Recognizing one’s own limitations needn’t lead to apathetic despair, at least not entirely. Because I can’t do that either — I can’t pretend I don’t care when I very much do. Love matters, compassion and empathy matters. Lest we cease striving to live up to our human potential.

But I honestly don’t know where we might go from here that will be any better than where humans have been before. Nobody promised us it would work out all right in the end, and indeed there are no such guarantees. All we have are our individual choices in the face of options and opportunities, though not all (or perhaps even most) dreams are capable of being brought into fruition at this stage in the game. But be careful what you wish for, because you just may wind up getting it and it might not be all you hoped it’d be.

And that’s life. In a nutshell. Not a rose garden, as I keep repeating. Might can make something good of it for yourself and your loved ones, possibly. And that’s a wonderful thing if you can. Be very grateful, because that’s a blessing all unto itself. Even if you’re poor or having a tough go at life, being loved and genuinely appreciated is paramount, at least in my book. But we still can’t necessarily keep others from barging in and destroying what beauty we have found or carved out in this life. And that’s just another piece of reality we must contend with, whether we want to or not. The dreams of easy living were just that…shallow dreams built on nothing, guaranteed by nothing. Welcome to modern life. Or perhaps it’s always been this way, I won’t claim to know.

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  1. Byenia says:

    Re-watching this particular video tonight and re-reading what I wrote on the subject, having awoken today with this song immediately springing to mind, for whatever possible reasons. Almost felt like some sort of omen. Then I find out this song has already been posted on here and these were my thoughts last year while pondering on it, having grown up listening to this song.

    Can’t claim to feel much different today. Amazing vocals though — gotta love Jim Morrison. He definitely left his mark on society, with his artistic expression. Unforgettably. Conjures up so much to mind…

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