Please do the right thing. Or at least avoid the most awful thing.

Tonight I’m learning about Andreas Lubitz and the commercial airplane he crashed into the French Alps last week. Very sad case.

The full story isn’t out yet, but it appears to have been a suicidal mission on behalf of the co-pilot that also took down 150 passengers in the process.

What I want to say to others out there struggling with depression and/or feelings of being severely obstructed from attaining their ambitions to where they contemplate suicide is this: It’s not innocent people’s fault and they don’t deserve to be taken out with you. Suicide is tragic enough, but taking the lives of innocent people along with your own isn’t fair and it isn’t right. They and their families do not deserve such treatment.

We all get mad at the world from time to time, and perhaps legitimately so. But other individuals out here are just trying to make their way through life as well. They were born into all of this just like anybody else, so blaming them or viewing them callously without even knowing them is no good. Innocent strangers aren’t responsible for whatever you’ve been put through, so it’s not fair to take it out on them and their loved ones. In fact, it’s incredibly cruel to do so. No question about it.

If one does decide to take his or her own life, that’s upsetting enough without treating innocents as “collateral damage” in the event. Because one might give up on himself or his own life doesn’t give him the right to determine time’s up for uninvolved others as well. Who would want to leave such a legacy? Hurts your own family and loved ones who have to live with the grief and pain of not only losing someone they cared about but also having to come to terms with how wicked their loved one behaved in his final moments and how he hurt/killed a bunch of other people who didn’t deserve that. That weighs on their consciences then, which they’re then forced to live on with. No good comes from that. Just a bunch more pain and problems, plus possibly being scorned by others in the community for simply being related to or affiliated with you. That’s not fair to them. It’s not fair to anyone.

I feel the same way about people who decide to get liquored up and intentionally suicidally crash their car into another vehicle. Please don’t do that to people. It’s the wrong thing to do. Hurts everybody and helps nothing.

Pain can blind a person to reason. But please work on getting it in your head way ahead of time that, no matter what, you’re not going to treat others as expendable and disposable due to your own upsets in this life. No one can keep you here living against your will, not so long as you possess the will to do otherwise. You always have power and a choice in the matter. But it’s disgraceful to harm others in the process. Because you no longer care doesn’t mean other people don’t. Because your time may be up doesn’t everybody else’s must be too. We have to be bigger than that, have more heart than that. Why would anyone wish to be remembered for harming a bunch of innocent people and breaking their families’ hearts?

Please don’t do that. There are better ways. You don’t have to stay here, but it’s not right to try to take innocent others out with you. To do so is corrupt and cruel beyond words. It leaves life among the living worse off than before. And lord knows we don’t need to add anymore unnecessary grief.

So please, people out there in the world…please choose to be better than that. It’s not a game to play with people’s lives and those of their loved ones. We make life unbearable when we do one another in these sort of ways. Life can be hard enough on people as is.

That’s my prayer to the universe today. Heed your consciences. Please don’t bring more hell to earth. There are better ways of handling one’s suffering than to destroy the lives of innocent others. That is unjust and only multiplies the pain. Because one suffers doesn’t mean that all others should be forced to as well. That doesn’t alleviate your own suffering one iota. It helps nothing, improves nothing, rectifies nothing. Just creates more seemingly senseless damage and destruction, creating more bewilderment while repairing nothing. There’s no good in that. Please be better than that. It takes courage to rise above such destructive impulses and drives, but we’re all capable of mustering up enough to draw a line and to refuse to cross it. We only rightfully have a full say over the termination of our own bodies and our own individual lives. Please take this to heart and decide to care at least that much.

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