Pedo-supportive? Judge for yourself.

Learning how to use my new screen shot software. And what better way to try it out than by capturing Justicar’s posts in a comment thread where he talks about being capable at age 9 of consciously fully consenting to deciding to perform fellatio on a 20+-year-old man:







Click the link above to see the original comments on Google+ (still up when I checked today, 2/23/2017, though Justicar has since deleted the videos).

Crude, I know. But I didn’t write it. Just trying to capture it since it ties in with my claims about him from my previous post. Best to get it directly from the horse’s mouth.


Update March 30, 2016: Stumbled back across this post tonight and checked links. Wouldn’t you know it — Justicar marked his videos on this subject private.

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12 Responses to Pedo-supportive? Judge for yourself.

  1. Wyrd Smythe says:

    I don’t know how you can stand to wallow in that swamp! Ugly stuff!

    • Byenia says:

      As that joker likes to say, I’m a retard. Ain’t he cute? Ugh. Total and complete asshole.

      What shocks me most is how many people show up to support the shit that he says, even in this situation. Drives me to want to represent the opposing viewpoint, just to help break up the echo chamber nonsense.

      Honestly, it really brings me down some days learning what views people hold and how many others act like they’re fantastic ideas. Causes me to wonder if the world is going mad, or maybe it’s just the internet. But I’ve known a lot of weirdos in real life too, so maybe I’m conditioned to handle the swamp for longer periods than most.

      Sometimes even I’m not sure what it is I’m looking for in studying and debating these types of characters. Feels like I just want others to stand up and say NO as well, to demonstrate to me and everybody else that these creeps are true outliers rather than indicators of a worrisome trend.

      • Wyrd Smythe says:

        The internet, especially parts of it, probably is a distorting lens to humanity. The scary thing sometimes is the question of whether the anonymity leads to a more honest picture or somehow just brings out the crazy.

        I do feel — frequently — that I live in a world gone mad. I suppose that’s one reason I keep to myself more these days than I used to.

        I totally understand the desire to put sense out to combat non-sense. That was a big ethic back in my days as an on-line warrior. It’s sadly like spitting into the ocean, but I completely understand and appreciate the impulse.

        • vklaatu says:

          Frankly, after having lived in places where the drinking age and the age of consent were both 16, I’m inclined to dismiss American Moral Panic. Turning up the AMP isn’t very productive. It just makes more noise. Most of the world has far more sense in regards to sex. I’d even go so far to say that America is the most sexually illiterate place on the planet outside of the Islamic states. Our culture is saturated with a form of Calvinism that is pure evil.

          But sex below age 16? I think it’s a really bad idea. I find The Justicar irritating at times and I mostly don’t agree with him on this issue, but he’s certainly right about how brain-dead Americans are about sex.

          • Byenia says:

            There is a big difference between what teenagers are allowed to do versus refusing to draw the line on sex between adults and pre-pubescent minors. I will not equate the two as if one and the same.

            It’s not Calvinism or Puritanism to understand there is good reason to not do away with restrictions on adults engaging in sex with young minors.

            And it’s an issue I’ve argued enough over on Justicar’s video series. So, if you feel inclined to debate the matter, I recommend going there, because I’ve said all I’m interested in saying on it this week.

          • Wyrd Smythe says:

            Something to consider: the human brain isn’t “fully cooked” (so to speak) until around the age 21. The gray matter forms earlier, but the white matter — which we used to think was just a matrix the gray matter was embedded in — isn’t fully grown until later.

            And it turns out that the white matter is important, too, so there is some good reason to treat people below the age of 20 as not fully grown or in their “right mind.”

    • Byenia says:

      Wyrd: And he claims to be a former cop and now is some sort of educator. If you even care to wrap your mind around that tidbit of disturbing news.

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