No love for the “chimos”

Just got off the phone with one of my good buddies I hadn’t heard from in a while. Known the man at least a decade or more by now, and even briefly dated him once upon a time. He’s a decent human being despite having a rough history. Anyway, during the course of our conversation, we got to talking about his time while serving in a federal low-security prison a few years back, and I asked him about how chimos (a.k.a. child molesters) were treated in there. He said that when he first went in, the place was stocked with a good number of lifers (general lifers, not pedos), but throughout his time served they unveiled a new program and shipped a bunch of those lifers to another facility and in their place brought in a bunch of men convicted of either child molestation or caught in police stings where they showed such intent. And he said that the inmates were briefed beforehand and it was clearly made known to them that if any of them laid a hand on these chimos they’d be charged with a “hate crime” and have an additional 5 years tacked onto their sentence.

During my buddy’s time in prison he reported to me overhearing one of these new fellow inmates talking excitedly about a porno he’d watched of a young boy being sodomized by a 40+-year-old man and how the child was screaming and crying, which just seriously turned on that pathetic piece of shit relating this story. My buddy went over to him and told him off, set him straight, let him understand what he thought of him in no uncertain terms. A guard reportedly even overheard my buddy’s threats to the guy but chose not to intervene and later expressed sympathy for my buddy for feeling as he did. But they weren’t supposed to lay a hand on these sons of bitches. “Hate crime” to touch them.

I asked him how it goes down in medium-security or maximum-security prisons and he stated that there it likely is a different ballgame. A part of me can’t help but hope so.

In case it needs to be made crystal clear, I have a serious problem with child molesters. And when I say this, let’s make sure we have our terms straight. I do distinguish between hebephiles and pedophiles, not that I think acting on hebephilic impulses and taking advantage of young teenagers is excusable. But I completely and explicitly draw the line at engaging in sex with a pre-pubescent child. Period, point blank, end of sentence. Stated it before and will state it again: I do favor a scorched earth approach when it comes to handling those types of people. Some may consider that insensitive, and so be it. I’m not concerned with others’ opinions on this one iota.

It’s not that I don’t grasp that some who grow up to carry out awful crimes against young children may have themselves been mistreated in a similar fashion when they were kids. But that still doesn’t make it tolerable. And due to their incredibly high recidivism rate and the apparent incapability of rehabilitating offenders of this sort (yes, chemical castration was already tried in the ’70s, look into it), I personally think what’s most merciful for them and the rest of society is if they’re delivered a bullet to the head. That’s my thinking on the matter, and I am not interested in debating this. No. There’s a line that deserves to be drawn, and this is where I most definitely draw it. Always have and always will.

My buddy went on to relate a story of another guy he met while locked up who was responsible for cleaning up the visitation room. After visitations one day, this man was cleaning up the bathrooms and came across a soiled baby diaper that he tucked into his clothing and returned to his cell, where he was later found utilizing while masturbating. Ugh! Are you fucking kidding me?? The man got punished somehow and taken off custodial duties after that, but DAMN. Holy shit. We have some seriously messed up people out here in society.

And I don’t want to hear about any moral relativism on this subject. No. I don’t want to hear how I need to be sympathetic to the yearnings of perverts, as it’s being drummed up online lately, even on youtube. Fuck all of you who defend this sort of shit. To care more about a man with that jacked-up state of mind than for his young victims tells me all I need to know about a person. Done with you. Period.

We all draw our lines, and this is where I draw mine. Thankfully, plenty of others draw similar such lines as well. Good for them. There’s a line a person should not cross, and no person with any heart will just sit there and permit such bullshit to go on unchecked.

My buddy and I both got to looking at the wikipedia page tonight on Charles Ray Hatcher, whom I mentioned in this discussion since I believe he serves as a fantastic example of where the courts, prisons, and mental institutions of this country failed society miserably. Believe I’ve mentioned that criminal on this blog a couple of times already. He’s the quintessential case in my mind of a danger to society. Got away with repeated crimes again and again due to being let out over and over and over, spanning several decades. In his case, the states of Missouri, Nebraska and California all failed in containing a violent and sadistic habitual offender, placing him in state custody only to keep releasing him within a couple years, only for him to re-offend shortly thereafter every time. That’s a story that makes me genuinely sick and riled. No question.

Did he have a rough upbringing? Yes, but that still does not justify his crimes. And even if someone cares to claim it somehow did, that doesn’t mean someone like that deserves to be given repeated slaps on the wrist and released into society where he’s free to continue harming youths. No. And yet when we look back at the history of decades prior, it wasn’t atypical for child molesters to receive trifling sentences, especially when compared up against what drug offenders receive today. A mere pittance by comparison. This has always bothered me and causes me to feel that the U.S. criminal justice system for a long time has had its priority’s bass ackward. Get caught selling crack and you’ll receive a far more severe sentence than if you’re even caught in the act (as Charles Ray Hatcher once was) of sodomizing a 6-year-old boy. Bullshit. Complete and utter bullshit. Our priorities are a mess.

What’s to be done about this? I don’t know. Some folks choose to try to lobby and sway government officials to greatly enhance sentencing against true-blue pedophiles (and keep in mind that here I am talking specifically about the sexual violation of pre-pubescent youths), and I can’t fault them a bit for going that route. Good for them. Me though, I take a different stance and approve alternative tactics against those clearly demonstrated to be guilty of such crimes. And all I can say there is they’re lucky to not come within my reaching range.

There aren’t many things in life that I feel so strongly about. But when it comes to maintaining control over one’s own bodily integrity, that’s huge. Particularly when it comes to looking out for youths who don’t in any way deserve those psychic scars. So call me an extremist in this area if you must. Doesn’t make a damn to me.

That aside, it was good to hear from my buddy today. And I’m grateful that we see eye to eye on this issue as well.

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  1. Wyrd Smythe says:

    “I personally think what’s most merciful for them and the rest of society is if they’re delivered a bullet to the head.”

    I couldn’t agree more. I support capital punishment in certain very specific cases where the knowledge we have of the case is unmistakable. And I’m fine with the idea that capital punishment is not a deterrent. I just see it as taking out the garbage.

    If someday we achieve the ability to completely erase or reprogram a mind, then I’d support that, but until then, let’s just take out the garbage.

    • Byenia says:

      “I couldn’t agree more. I support capital punishment in certain very specific cases where the knowledge we have of the case is unmistakable. And I’m fine with the idea that capital punishment is not a deterrent. I just see it as taking out the garbage.”

      Yup. I’m with you 100% there.

      This week seems to be revolving around the topic of child molesters. First it came up due to that GQ article about the men’s rights convention where a pedo was present and spoke to the journalist. Then that gay former cop piped up in his videos about wanting to do away with the age of consent laws. Then my buddy called to chat, whom I spoke of in the post above. Then some random woman on my G+ feed today posted up a news story of a prison inmate killing a chimo who was running his mouth and saying nasty, sexual things about children (and good riddance there).

      Like I can’t escape the topic this week if I tried. And that’s fine. Not like it doesn’t stay in the back of my mind normally anyway. That’s one group of people I really wish law enforcement would focus more attention on (instead of looking for reasons to fine ordinary citizens and confiscate our property so as to sell it in auctions to benefit their own departments). Makes me sick that these offenders aren’t a much higher priority.

  2. vklaatu says:

    Excuse me, but I was sexually assaulted when I was seven and I don’t hate the person nor have I ever wanted to have him killed. Mind you, the guy was only a few years older than me and he has been sitting in prison for a long time, now. Nonetheless, I’m in agreement with Larry Flynt, who didn’t want the guy how put him in a wheel chair executed. Death is much too good for predators.

    Do I have sympathy for predators? No, of course not. Do I want to see them dead? Hell no! …not unless someone kills them in self defense.

    • Byenia says:

      Your opinion is your own, and you’re certainly entitled to it. I don’t see the situation as you do. And I don’t see other criminal activities as the same as predation on young minors — pedophiles I do treat as special cases.

      Either way, we’re not all going to view these matters identically.

    • Byenia says:

      Re-read your comment tonight. Yes, sometimes death is too good in light of what a violator actually deserves. I give it that.

      And I also understand how molestation shakes out in various ways. The female step-cousin of mine who began sexualizing me across several years of my pre-pubescent youth I don’t hate or wish death upon either. She claimed all along and apparently was a victim of sexual mistreatment from her stepdad. And it certainly didn’t help that her mother was crazy as well. I tend to think of it as receiving the light end of the load in that situation, comparably speaking. No hatred here in that respect. But her actions upon young me did unquestionably impact the rest of my life. That’s a truth.

      There are countless shades of grey when it comes to assessing life, I do understand that. I only come down definitively in clear and heinous cases.

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