Jordan Owen discussing Roosh, RoK, the Gor novels, and how embracing such crud makes things worse

It’s videos like this that keep me appreciating Jordan Owen.

Been hearing and reading the name Roosh the last couple of weeks and noticed the buzz around AVFM but hadn’t clicked on anything about him before today. Only recently recall hearing about the Return of Kings website and so took a look at it this evening after hearing the name Roosh mentioned yet again, this time coming up in Owen and Aurini’s falling out.

Looked a few things over, read a forum thread where opposing views voiced their opinions on the RoK site and overall message, clicked on a couple of Roosh’s videos pertaining to “rape culture,” and now I’m 1:08:54 into Jordan’s video above. So far it’s very interesting and provides a nice glimpse into this character who calls himself Roosh V, presented in a very fair-minded way, IMO.

He’s right that such talk like that coming from Roosh only serves to stir the panic that we all already know exists. Not helping. Definitely “defecates on” what a lot of men (and women) out here are trying to accomplish in hope of improving all of our lots in this life by aiming to be fair and to respect one another’s humanity.

Carrying on…

Pausing at 1:12:39 — couldn’t agree more, going on what’s been presented here so far. Jordan explains it all very well in terms I’m sure most could understand if they’d take time to listen and take it in. Not just letting his words play in the background while doing other shit either. When I’m not watching this, it’s paused, which is necessary when it comes to videos worth watching, as this one is.

Back to watching…

Just finished viewing the video. Very powerful. He did a really good job in explaining his position here, and I, for one, stand largely in agreement.

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