“Inside Story – The Secret Life of a Paedophile” — Peter Righton and Friends (UK)

A story from the UK, presented by a show called Inside Story:

That was an interesting exposé on a group of pedophiles operating what amounted to a ring to prey on young boys. What makes it worse were the high positions these men held as educators and “experts on child care” and program directors for causes claiming to help troubled boys. And, as to be expected, a frickin’ priest (turned assistant bishop) was up in the mix as well.

The main man this story is about it Peter Righton, a social worker who rose in prominence in the UK back in the ’70s in relation to being considered an expert on child protection and residential care. That man, later convicted (merely fined) for child pornography and exposed publicly as a pedophile, as well as found to be linked in with several other pedophiles including involvement on the site Pedophile Information Exchange (P.I.E.), was accredited with writing the following in a 1981 textbook titled Perspectives on Paedophilia:

“Most child molesters, if paedophile at all, are so only incidentally. Most of those I have called ‘dispositional’ paedophiles, when they engage in sexual activity with children, do not molest them… On the contrary, the child’s consent is usually of cardinal importance to them.”

Sound like anybody else we know whom I recently showcased on this blog? …

To read Peter Righton’s and Morris Fraser’s chapters in the book in question, another blogger has made them available here.

Sick situation, folks. And come to find out, that’s only the tip of the iceberg in this case. Plus, there’s evidence of even bigger pedo rings in the UK. Geez. Shit looks off the hook over there, what with all of this plus allowing the Rotherham scandal to go on unchecked for over a decade, and who knows what else?

I’m not done with the topic of pedophilia yet and likely never will be. This is one of those crimes that’s bothered my spirit ever since I was a child and learned of others I knew personally who’d been sexually abused.

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