A night in with Charlie Daniels

Not been a very productive day. Ah well. Still, it wasn’t a bad day. Slept in as late as I could, then went to a couple work appointments, put off my gym workout ’til tomorrow, then headed over to my former companion’s place to cuddle and nap and watch the Cops marathon until nightfall. Now back in after going out for an evening appointment, sipping Coca-Cola and water, trying to keep the rest of the night mellow.

Recently put one of my Charlie Daniels CDs back in the mix in my car, so been listening to his tunes the last couple of days, as feels necessary from time to time. Tonight I’m going to post up some of his songs on here.

Here’s one my best guyfriend and I both enjoy, “Uneasy Rider”:

Here’s another goodie, “The South’s Gonna Do It (Again)” (live performance):

This one I find pretty funny despite realizing it’d probably be offensive to some folks, “Uneasy Rider ’88”:

Clash of subcultures…plain and simple.

Here’s one I really like, “Drinkin’ My baby Goodbye” (live performance):

Might have to upload that one to my own channel eventually.

This one’s a bit more controversial, titled “Simple Man” (live performance at the Grand Ole Opry):

And we can’t ever leave out his classic, “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” (live performance at the Grand Ole Opry):

Here’s one titled “In America” (live performance from the late 1970s):

I really came to enjoy that tune directly after 9/11/2001, back when we were all stomping around self-righteously and proclaiming our devotion to this country and our fellow citizens. Living in Mississippi at the time, I can recall hearing blacks and whites alike coming together and bonding and making comments about how these were “our whites” or “our blacks,” as if to say they were willing to set aside their racial prejudices and identify as part of the same (national) family for a while there and treat one another protectively. Of course, spells like that tend to only last so long… Was very touching to observe though.

“Long Haired Country Boy” (live performance from the late ’70s):

Here’s a video someone made to accompany the song “Still in Saigon”:

Those tunes were all on his All-Time Greatest Hits album (released in 1996).

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