Art for the winter-worn soul

Poking around on Deviant Art this weekend, as I like to do, and saved some pieces that struck me as worthy of sharing on here. Not that my tastes are likely to warm anybody’s spirit on a cold evening in February, but ah well.

Web_by_AshwingsThat was captured by Ashwings.

Here’s one captured by LordDrako:

The_Perfect_Blue_Rose_by_LordDrakoHow I do love blue roses…

How’s this for amazing drawing skills?:

alice_cooper__final__by_alfredorf22Blows my mind that someone can pull off this level of detail. That intricate piece was drawn by alfredorf22.

water_butterfly_and_flower_by_b_o_k_eThat last piece was created by B-O-K-E.

Here’s a piece by Derek-Castro:

cattle_decapitation___ten_torments_of_the_damned_by_derek_castroI’ve really liked his stuff.

Here’s a piece titled “The Cost of Knowledge” by chryssalis:

THE_COST_OF_KNOWLEDGE_by_chryssalisVery cool concept.

Here’s one by opteryx titled “Corporate Slave”:

Corporate_Slave_by_opteryxI really dig the work I’ve viewed from him thus far.

And to end with, here’s an odd piece created by CiLiNDr0:


For whatever reasons, I keep coming back to look at that one since discovering it a few months ago.

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