This is what a TRUE misogynist looks like.

Had an exchange with a youtuber who goes by the name Razor Blade Kandy 2 (RBK) on one his recent video’s comment threads.

I hadn’t watched the entire video and was just skimming it when I read where he was comparing female sex workers with pedophiles. So I began with this:

How is a grown woman who engages in sex with grown men worthy of being referred to as a “pedophile”? That doesn’t make a lick of sense.

To which he replied:

It’s not that the act its self is analogous to pedophilia; it is that my feelings toward a woman that says “I’m a prostitute” is the same as the feelings I’d have towards a man that says “I’m a pedophile”.
I detest, more than anything, prostitutes, and define the core problem of women to be their inner prostitute. Prostitution is the basis of female advantage, and the basis of male disadvantage. I detest the modern day housewife because she mirrors the prostitute. Men who pay for pussy should be frowned on as weak. And women who are prostitutes should be seen as lepers, or sex offenders. When my fellow man engages in this shameful behavior, lets his sexual need get the best of him, I look at him with shame, and hope he can one day find the strength to be a stronger better person. I look at “The John” as if he were a drug addict who needs help, needs to get himself cleaned up. I want to help him. I am ashamed of him, but forgiving. But for the women who exploit that man’s weakness… well now, if anything could be defined as evil, it would be her. To me, she is not people, but a demonic force. All women should strive to be “good people” by removing themselves from prostitution as much as possible. The further removed from a prostitute a woman is, the better of a person she is.
And men need to learn to quit shaming women for their sexual openness, and learn to shame them for using sex as a tool/weapon. A woman who has frequent sex is fine. A woman who is a virgin, but uses the power of her attractiveness to profit from men, is being wicked. The more like a prostitute a woman is, the more evil she is. It is proper that we view the whore with the utmost disdain, as if she is a leper or a pedophile.

My response:

Ah, well, you have another reason to detest me then.  😛

And this is where I completely lost interest in you or your views if you would go so far as to say that prostitutes ought to be treated as lepers, as if they aren’t typically already. Just for bartering value for value with other willing individuals. Dude, you just don’t like women at all or in any capacity. And that’s become blatantly obvious. And what kind of “Leftist” moralizing show are you trying to run here? You echo so many of the traditionalists you take issue with that it’s undeniably bizarre.

And pro tip: Not all prostitutes are female. Not that that matters one iota to you since you’re on a quest to denounce the wicked “whore.”  Whatever, man. Have fun with that in your bro-club echo chamber of circle-jerkers.

I’m obviously not interacting with the desire to make friends with these people. RBK has made videos in the past where he bashes libertarianism and everything he considers “tradcon” and he even went so far as to say that he’s in favor of a totalitarian form of government so long as he benefits from living under it. That’s so far and away from my own worldview that it was made clearly obvious that he and I possess irreconcilable philosophical differences.

Out of all who call themselves “MGTOW” online, this one mirrors the absolute extreme that may be found among the most rabid, fringe feminists. And he, as do they, desires to see MORE restrictions placed on people and is essentially advocating for full and complete sex segregation. So you’ll have to forgive me if I’m not very charitable toward his point of view.

His response:

“Dude, you just don’t like women at all or in any capacity.”
And you only like men when they’re paying you to like them LOL.

“And what kind of “Leftist” moralizing show are you trying to run here?”
Leftist moralizing? the fuck you talking about?

“You echo so many of the traditionalists you take issue with that it’s undeniably bizarre.”
I just went from leftist moralizing to right wing traditionalism… if you say so.

“And pro tip: Not all prostitutes are female.”
Translation: Not all prostitutes are like that. LOL I love it.

“Have fun with that in your bro-club echo chamber of circle-jerkers.”
echo chamber… circle jerk. On one of my most unpopular videos where a hardy amount of the MGTOW community says “I do not agree, thumbs down sir.” That’s a circle jerk?
So I’m a leftist, then a rightist (traditionalist reference) and circle jerk echo chamber… I think it would have been more coherent of you if you had just said “fuck you asshole”. Since you’re tossing out nonsense to effectively mean just that.

My final response to him here:

“And you only like men when they’re paying you to like them LOL.”

No. Because one engages in prostitution in one area of one’s life doesn’t mean it must extend to all. And I am retired as of 2009 from escorting, so that doesn’t even apply to me these days.

“I just went from leftist moralizing to right wing traditionalism… if you say so.”

I’ve been especially taking notice of lately how much the so-called Political “Right” and “Left” do really share in common. Feminists at times join forces with the Christian Right against prostitution and pornography. And now so have you.

On my “pro tip”: males and females engage in sex work. That’s what I was saying, though yes, more females tend to. But that’s because males set the demand for both sexes overall. Such is life. Good luck trying to fight the “oldest profession” on record.

The circle jerk refers to those who actually do agree with you on opposition to marriage AND prostitution AND claiming that any and all voluntary exchanges that include money and sex are automatically “exploitative.” To take issue with sex work on that level is to take issue not only with all of capitalism but even private voluntary exchanges all unto themselves. Which is truly none of your business what other adults decide to trade with one another.


And here’s RBK’s very lengthy final response to me, which is what I most wish to call attention to (primarily the latter half of) in this post:

“No. Because one engages in prostitution in one area of one’s life doesn’t mean it must extend to all. And I am retired as of 2009 from escorting, so that doesn’t even apply to me these days.”

She’s retired since 2009 LMAO. I’m sorry but that just sounds so hilarious. Like you done retired your vagina.
OK, I’ll stop laughing and try to be serious… but still, it’s just funny. Oh come on quit frowning, it’s funny damn it!

“I’ve been especially taking notice of lately how much the so-called Political “Right” and “Left” do really share in common.”
This is something me and Bar Bar have been trying to get through to people, this is not left vs right. Both will place women’s interest above men. There is a lot of overlap between the left and right. I belong to neither and discourage others from aligning themselves with this nonsensical left right shit. However, you’re saying it in regards to this:

“Feminists at times join forces with the Christian Right against prostitution and pornography. And now so have you.”
Feminists also rally to support the rights of sex workers. Feminists play both sides of that coin, calling prostitution “patriarchy”, then call the abolishment of prostitution “patriarchy”. It’s always patriarchy no matter what. Women are the victims no matter what.
This bit about you trying to align me with the traditionalist right, this is just… I won’t say shaming language, but it’s that thing you do a lot. For example, if I were preaching atheism, you’d point out something that has overlap with theism and say “you’re just as bad as a theist”. If I were preaching some religion, you’d point out the overlap I have with atheists. You’ve done this with “You MGTOW are just as bad as the feminists”. And I guess when you realize we seriously don’t fucking give a shit about that statement, you realize “oh the traditionalist is what MGTOW seem to fight the hardest” so your new bullshit is “you’re just as bad as a traditionalist”.
You’re a bit of a broken record with this tactic; accusing the speaker of being just as bad as that which he rallies against. I think you’ve gone to the well one too many times with it. You’re like Paul Elam insisting that everyone that disagrees with him has some kind of mental illness. It’s relational aggression, it’s this or that disorder. You’re just as bad as Paul Elam LOL. See, see what I did there :p

“Good luck trying to fight the “oldest profession” on record.”
Well, we’ve waged war on poverty, disease, murder, theft, rape, prostitution and so on. The fact that everything I just mentioned has been around as long as the written word, doesn’t mean these things aren’t evil, or shouldn’t be fought against, or at the very least discouraged.
Besides, the rules have changed. Environment has changed, men are waking up and seeing the true face of women, and this is slowly changing them. The time is now ripe to teach them an understanding that they need to pull up their pants and have some dignity and quit letting women exploit them. In older times, this message wouldn’t have made sense. Also, I have no desire to defeat prostitution. Women will always be sexual exploiters, preying on a man’s sexual weakness. You said it yourself, the world’s oldest profession. i.e. women have been exploitative parasites since day one. But I am not trying to defeat that in the absolute; I am only trying to give an understanding, to convey this exploitative dynamic.
I support people’s right of self destruction. People can use any drug they want, commit suicide, gamble away their money, house, tuition, etcetera. I just want men to understand that it is a disease, it is bad, it is exploitative, women do profit off of this male weakness. And I also want them to understand this transcends the back alley prostitute, this includes the stay at home wife. Any time, any way, a woman can profit off of men’s sexual urges, this is an evil, and we must first and foremost recognize it as an evil. And when I say “evil”, I refer to what is toxic / detrimental to the self and fellow man. Once we recognize that any profiting in any way shape or form women do, based on men’s sexual needs, is an evil. Once we understand this we can begin working on solutions to minimize this.
My urging to not fight for the legalization of prostitution was based on the idea that if legalized on the federal level, this would lead to feminists monopolizing that, and massive government control over it. It would be a tax nightmare. However, I am also not obsessed over taxes, so I really don’t care, but figured my libertarian based audience might.

“The circle jerk refers to those who actually do agree with you on opposition to marriage AND prostitution AND claiming that any and all voluntary exchanges that include money and sex are automatically “exploitative.” To take issue with sex work on that level is to take issue not only with all of capitalism but even private voluntary exchanges all unto themselves. Which is truly none of your business what other adults decide to trade with one another.”

So circle jerk is anyone that agrees with me instead of you?
And to take issue with prostitution is to take issue with capitalism… wow. What won’t you resort to, to defend the almighty whore? To defend women’s use of their sexual power over men. ” If you object to whores, you’re anti-capitalist” is what you’re trying to say there.

I once told you that the dynamic between men and women was one of mutual exploitation, and with the advent of feminism (the right to vote and work and shit like that) the exploitation is no longer mutual. It’s women win and men lose. Men play one role, women play it both ways.
I tried explaining this to you. And you acted shocked, and assured me men and women have this special symbiosis, they compliment each other.
So here I was telling you that the relationship men and women have is based on men’s need for pussy, and women getting a free ride by virtue of having a pussy. And here you are selling your pussy for cash and saying “oh no no, that’s not how it works, men and women have a special complimentary role yada yada”.
Come on. You still gonna stick to that notion that men and women are complimentary creatures, and that this whole man-and-woman-togetherness crap is anything more than prostitution, all the while having a career as a prostitute?
You know, you’d be more convincing of this if you yourself were not a prostitute. I know I know, you retired your vagina back in 2009.

Let’s go over this part again “…claiming that any and all voluntary exchanges that include money and sex are automatically “exploitative.””
You’re trying to tell me that it’s not? Easy for you to say, you’re the one with the vagina making the money off of a man’s biological weakness.
I love how people in positions of exploitative power love to justify it like it’s all copacetic. Southern slave holders concocted all sorts of bullshit to justify their ownership of slaves. To hear them tell it, they were truly altruistic and doing these people a favor.

and this part “…but even private voluntary exchanges all unto themselves. Which is truly none of your business what other adults decide to trade with one another.”

Yes it is my business. I have a right to an opinion. I’m well within my rights to do that.
And weren’t you the one bitching about that video that Extremely Boring was showing on Tumblr where some guy posted a bunch of extreme BDSM with an anti feminist theme, filled with degrading women. And you seemed to think that the porn was horrible. And me and you argued about it. You even went as far as to call this “dangerous”, and it was at the word “dangerous” that got me to chime in and we argued over it in her comment section.
Anyhow, just had a flash back of that convo, and I think it’s amazing that two adults entering into a voluntary capitalist exchange and making money, is dangerous, and wrong to you. But I am not allowed to say a voluntary exchange between 2 people where only one person gets paid, is wrong, or exploitative?
People’s porn and their porn habits are your business, you feel free to chime in, but let me chime in and it’s none of my business?
I have zero respect for people in the porn industry, but at least both are getting paid. Albeit men get paid less.

Now let me get to this part: “males and females engage in sex work. That’s what I was saying, though yes, more females tend to.”
How often have you paid a man for sex? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Now you say this part: “But that’s because males set the demand for both sexes overall. Such is life.”
In other words, it’s mens biological predisposition to sexual desperation which sets the market for others to profit on. Right? That is what you’re essentially saying? And you don’t think there is a confession of exploitation in there?
You’re basically stating that it is the sexual needs of men that offer people opportunity to make cash off of it.

Well as long as women benefit, it’s all cool with you.

You’re using the glorification of capitalism to justify selling sex.
And here’s the thing that really gets me. Sex, a thing which could and should be based on love, is a thing turned into a greedy money driven business and defended as such.
The moment you turn sex into profit, you have tainted and corrupted it.
You’re actually using capitalism to justify selling a thing which should never have a price tag. And if you give this thing a price tag, it can never be innocent.
You help to really demonstrate something I have been trying to get through to my fellow man, a woman giving you love and affection, that shit ain’t real. A woman’s love isn’t real, it’s a business negotiation. Your muscles, your labour, your disposability, your utility, your cash, for her renting you the usage of her reproductive organs. It ain’t love for women, it’s business to them.
And you do so well at proving this. You take the physical act of love, and turn it into a business, and justify it with appeals to capitalism. You’ve taken the pure and turned it into the vile.

And now to walk away from the ideological aspect of it, and to get personal, let me ask you something. How do you live with yourself? You let complete strangers get intimate with you for cash. Isn’t that gross?
And how do you have a relationship? After vaginal penetration has been a career, a thing you let men do to you for a paycheck, how can it ever truly go back to being a physical act of love?

And now to get less personal again. This whole situation here, it acts as a testament to my case. I claim in many videos that women are parasitic in nature, and their expressions of love are mostly a farce; they’re just going through the motions using sex and love as a business arrangement to assure themselves protection, provision, popularity.
Even if you women have this duality in you, where you punch in your card and your on the clock, fucking for cash, no emotional attachment, and then you go home, off the clock, and your fucking for love… I can’t even fully wrap my head around that. But assuming it’s true, and you really can separate these things, I think it shows what I am saying to be true, that women are predisposed to using sex to get what they want, and thus the love they offer isn’t even love. There’s this duality in them. So even the woman that is not a whore, still has this duality, this switch off the love and make it a business arrangement.

Well, I think it’s time that men do what they can to put you out of business. I suggest to my fellow man to avoid relations with women in any circumstance where she profits. When she offers sex and affection, that ain’t love, that’s capitalism.
And sure, there are male prostitutes. There are the gender confused lady boys who don’t count as men (or women for that matter). There are the gay men who prance and lisp and imitate women, and so it’s hard for me to classify the prancers as men. After all, they reject their maleness.
So in reality, I don’t think there are male prostitutes.

Again, sex is a thing women do for cash. And while “not all women are like that”, how can a man ever know that the alleged love a woman shares with him is anything other than a business arrangement?
That’s why above all things, men should never give to a woman or do for a woman. If a woman’s love is true, she would not ask for goods, nor would she ask for services.

You once commented in a video response to me, that talk of replacing women with robots (though I said with technology, which is more vague, and I am not entirely convinced of robotic partners as a realistic thing within the next century) that talk of replacing women with robots was disturbing to you. Well of course it is Byenia, robots, any form of technology, that offers men a satisfying, or reasonably satisfying, sexual experience, without benefiting women, is a threat to your business.
No business owner likes their business being threatened. Because sex and love, that’s all bullshit, it’s just you women being parasites. You’re pussy is your power. If anything could substitute it, you’d have nothing, be nothing, and lose all of your female advantages.
A woman is a walking sex toy.
This is why half of feminists are against prostitution and pornography and the other half are in favor of it. Some women say women should work on maximizing there sexual dominance over men. Other women say using sex is all women have ever done, and it’s made them into weak inferior sex toys not allotted human rights. It is time for women to exist as people, not walking blow up dolls.
Do you have any idea how much men, not just MRA’s or MGTOW, but normal men, absolutely fucking hate women? I’m sure you’ve seen it, true anger that women have the audacity to view themselves as people.
Even these little white knight pussy begging MRA tradcon types, the hatred is still there. They hate women for having human rights, without being obligated to act human.
Women are sucking and fucking and saying “spreading my legs to get by in life entitles me to human status”.
Men know that you women are parasites, sucking and fucking and getting a free ride. And it makes them want to scream “get in the kitchen woman. Get on your knees bitch!”
You whores put that anger into men. You manufacture the misogyny. You live like walking blow up dolls, parasites, and then say “respect me!” every time a woman says “respect me” it is a spit in the face. Every time a woman says “I’m equal to men” it is an insult to men who work and sacrifice while all you women do is rely on your pussy. The tradcons are angry and resentful, but they’re also weak pussy beggars, so they don’t see you as human beings, but they will try to validate your existence as useful by turning you into “goddess of house and home” they glorify and glamourize you sitting on your twats getting a free ride for sexual favors to your husband, under the pretense of nuclear family and babies and child rearing and all that nonsense. But the truth is, because of what you prostitutes do, men do not see you as human beings. And as I said, prostitute… well those are women who sell it for cash without pretense, but them exchanging sex & affection for profit isn’t even prostitution; it’s just being female. Or more accurately, there is a little bit of whore in every woman. And it’s the whore in you women that make you women so hated. The further removed from your inner whore, the more like people you become.

And I for one agree with the sentiment, it is time for you women to stop being blow up dolls with people rights; and actually become people. You females have made it clear that you yourselves aren’t about to do this on your own. It’s too easy to spread your legs and let men insert their dick, and insert money into your wallet.
Men are chronic sex addicts, women as blow up dolls with human rights. The shit has to end. Men are going to have to redirect their sexual needs. Masturbation in a meditative environment, technological artificial stimuli, online “romances” coupled with interactive sex toys, and a deep and powerful understanding that women are out to exploit you at the drop of a hat. That understanding will do men well. All these things will lead men away from women. Not completely of course, and not all at once either. But slowly more and more over the course of many generations.
My dream is to leave all you bitches in the dust fighting for survival with no helping hand. In other words, to rob you of your vile spoiled femininity and man you bitches up until you are people. Not blow up dolls, not cry baby’s playing damsel in distress; but people. And for my brothers to have abandoned you in their hearts, to have broken the addiction. My dream is that we will be so autonomous, that any getting together between men and women, will be out of love, not need or exploitation. When neither man nor woman needs the other, they might actually start WANTING each other.
And again, when your pussy has no power, you might become more than a walking vagina, and become people. And when women become people, and say “I am equal” men will say “of course, why would anyone think otherwise?”
It’s all about destroying the prostitute paradigm among the sexes.

[All comments copied and pasted exactly as shown on his comment thread on 1/25/2015; weird paragraph formatting is original.]

I used to think these guys were goofing and couldn’t possibly take seriously the things they were saying. Like they were just trying to get under the skin of females to prod and poke at us. But I’m coming to see it very differently the more I look into how developed their ideology is becoming.

There’s no point in me debating with him further on there since anything I say or do as a female is taken as evidence of my supposedly manipulative female nature. But a lot of thoughts do spring to mind, which I’d like to unpack on here a bit as time moves on. Gonna chew on it for a while first.

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24 Responses to This is what a TRUE misogynist looks like.

  1. Tell The Truth says:

    You can’t see the point of MGTOW because you’re a woman (naturally gynocentric) with a female superiority complex (feminist). Bet you won’t post this. Debate me all you like. I’m a MGHOW and would have great fun effectively debunking everything you write. Your rose colored view of the world doesn’t match with reality. Help me help you realize this.


    My favorite thing about married men: Watching them drown in desperation and despair, their futures destroyed through divorce, after years of telling other men that being married was so wonderful.

    My favorite thing about players: Most are nursing an incurable STD, hoping it doesn’t move to their lips or eyes. That and the amount of money they paid chasing that incurable STD.

    My favorite thing about white knights: Watching them go through the eventual disillusionment and disenchantment that comes with divorce and being cheated on by their spouse or girlfriend. That and them having to pay the X wife to sleep with other men. Watching them go to jail for getting behind on child support/alimony is also much fun.

    My favorite thing about feminists: Watching them lose their sons to alcoholism, drugs, poverty homelessness and suicide after another feminist destroys their son’s life.

  2. Byenia says:

    Hmmm…another hater comes out to play.

    Nothing to debate there. Just another angry human being wishing pain on others. Too much of this cropping up online these days…

    Undoubtedly an RBK fan.

  3. Tell The Truth says:

    “Hmmm…another hater comes out to play.”

    Yes, yes. Just another hater. Anyone that doesn’t accept your life script for men is just another hater and misogynist, right? Any man that stands up to feminist, gynocentric BS must be a misogynist, right? Any man that doesn’t live on bended knee at a woman’s behest isn’t really a man, is he? God forbid men speak the truth of what can be plainly seen in everyday life. Can’t have that.

    I’ve heard all of the shaming language. I don’t even know what RBK is.

    Men and children first. Let’s see how you like being disposable.

    • Byenia says:

      Thankfully most males aren’t as extreme as some of you show yourselves to be. It’s one thing to take issue with feminism and to call out injustices; quite another to wish for parents to go through watching their children suffer and then commit suicide. Someone who talks like that doesn’t deserve to be taken seriously.

      “Shaming language” — there we go with that shit again. Nah, no similarities between SJWs and RBK’s crowd at all. Nahhh.

  4. Tell The Truth says:

    “…quite another to wish for parents to go through watching their children suffer and then commit suicide.”

    What’s not great about seeing a feminist’s son losing his life to another feminist? That’s like the holy grail of ‘turnabout is fair play’. Sorry, but I don’t get how that’s a bad thing. Any feminist with a son is going to have to guard him carefully from other feminists. How is that not a good thing? That’s like the best thing about feminism.

  5. Tell The Truth says:

    Angry? I’m loving this. MGTOW is good for men and you have zero valid arguments against them. That MGTOW isn’t gynocentric or feminist in nature is what really sticks in your craw. What could be better than that? You hate MGTOW because MGTOW if pro male.

    • vklaatu says:

      I doubt she hates actual MGTOW, i.e. men who are mature enough to not be lead by the nose by their own resentments the way you clearly are. I’m a bachelor and disease free former “player” and I have to say, you really come off as a mentally ill in this exchange. Go get some help, if you’re not just trolling her.

  6. Tell The Truth says:

    You should rename your blog to -- “This is what a TRUE misandrist looks like.”

  7. Pingback: How do I, as a former escort, live with myself, he asks? - Wayward Blogging

  8. Tell The Truth says:

    If you were a former escort, as the pingback illustrates, then there’s nothing I can do for you. You took money from men for sex. It is what it is -- you’re a hooer.

    Your soul is lost in the pit of despair and darkness. Not to fret. Many a man’s soul is waiting there for you. Both disenfranchised men’s and women’s souls go to the pit of despair. There’s just one ‘problem’. You can’t touch one another and you can’t have sex. I know…I know. It seems really unfair, right? Well. Get used to it -- you lonely, useless phucktards!. Things will only get worse.

    You could however support a league of women that reinforce male power over women. All of the above become instant improvements on your afterlife. Think about it.

    Trust me. I know.

    • Byenia says:

      The hate (and retardation) is strong in this one.

      • vklaatu says:

        This guy is a sad case. His remarks about “players” struck me as hilarious since I was a “player” once upon a time. Evidently nobody bothered to explain condoms to him.

        • Byenia says:

          He’s an all-around idiot, hon.

          • vklaatu says:

            He’s a very sick person. I’m tired of these clowns who constantly bitch about women and government. When I ask them about how they try to help their fellow man all I get is “every man for himself.” Fuck that noise right in the ear. It wouldn’t kill them to take a comrade in off the street or get out and work with other sick men who need each other very badly.

            Ultimately these guys will remain self absorbed adult children until they band together more often face to face. I know from experience that getting together with other guys to discuss our experiences can go a long way towards helping each other understand how to set and maintain healthy boundaries. Bitching online doesn’t cut it.

            • Byenia says:

              I personally firmly support the idea of the most extreme creating an intentional community or moving off to an island somewhere where they can be free of women so far as that’s possible and learn a thing or two about how male nature *can* shake out as well.

            • Byenia says:

              And in re-reading this exchange tonight, yes, I agree with you that face-to-face experience sharing is very important in promoting personal growth and maturity. Bitching online truly doesn’t cut it.

  9. Frosty says:

    I’m a MGTOW.

    I’ve found that some of what RBK says makes sense but stuff like this just makes him sound like a cringe-worthy extremist. Men have a biological imperative to have sex and that often guides our behaviour and actions, women have learned how to manipulate that for their own benefit and to some greater or lesser extent a lot of women do use sex and/or beauty as a tool to achieve things. So fucking what? Some men use displays of dominance or expensive property (cars, expensive attire, etc) to make themselves more attractive to women because womens biological imperative is to seek out males that are protectors/providers. Again, so what?

    It’s exactly what you’d expect in the competitive environment that is life and evolution by survival of the fittest, the flower that goes on to survive longest is the flower which attracts the most bee’s and pollen collecting insects.

    I have nothing against teaching men (and women, actually) red pill knowledge and championing MGTOW as a personal philosophy, exposing the use of sex and beauty for manipulation etc. But lets just educate people, to label something evil and wicked is just over the top. People can come to a complete understanding of red pill knowledge but still find it perfectly acceptable to seek out sex while protecting themselves from manipulation. I have nothing against prostitution and escorts at all, in fact any behaviour that doesn’t involve aggression is permissible (I’m a libertarian).

    At worst sex is only ever an open invitation, there’s no force used, it might be manipulative in nature sometimes (or even a lot of the time) but people still have to consent to the circumstance and so nothing wicked is occurring here, maybe some dishonesty with regards motives.

    RBKs rants seem to infer that it’s only women who are and can be manipulative, they also indicate a deep resentment for the whole game, it doesn’t seem like enough to expose manipulation but it has to be stamped out and denied even if everyone involved understands what is going on but consents anyway.

    I’m always a bit concerned about the image of MGTOW, we don’t need people to understand MGTOW in order for us to use that personal philosophy so in that sense it doesn’t matter. But in a more general sense, I have concern for the spread of misinformation and mischaracterization of things. I don’t like that some people might see insane writing like this and then judge MGTOW right off the bat as insane or whatever, it just makes rational thinking and discourse immediately harder.

    There are actually quite a lot of much more well balanced MGTOWs out there who can for example just see the game for what it is, it’s remnants of biology which was crafted by evolution and informs/guides behaviour even in semi-rational creatures. Lets understand that, protect ourselves but all this nonsense about women not being people/human, it’s just completely fucking mental and we need to strive to denounce this shit among the MGTOW community because we’ve all seen how radicals can corrupt an otherwise good idea (for example feminists corrupting the idea of equality which is an otherwise good idea)

  10. Lilith says:

    It’s interesting to see my ex from ages ago decided to project all his perversions in attacking a woman he’s never met. I was an effed up teenager, he was an older guy I thought I could trust, I did whatever he wanted, he took full advantage to the point of sexual coercion and psychological abuse. Years later I forgave him & tried to be friends until he started shit I wouldn’t tolerate. He’s projecting all his demons in this.
    There’s many legitimate issues men go through that need to be addressed- divorce law, domestic abuse isn’t taken seriously with men, freedom of expression, mental health, etc…. I wonder if people know the person they follow? That this personality amongst mgtow is actually a felon, a porn addicted sex addict, sexually & verbally violent, unemployed greasy dude pushing 40 who still lives with his parents?
    Rbk has had a rough life however it’s confusing that out of all he endured he turned & blamed it all on women. Could have blamed a broken home, domestic violence, bullying, drugs, addiction, anger problems, poverty, the prison-industrial complex…. But no he’s mad he wasn’t entitled to win the girl so it’s all women’s fault. Makes me wonder about what other characters lurk in these “movements”…

  11. Ainemac says:

    What these men really fear and loathe is their own sexuality. It overwhelms them and clouds their judgement, but the honest self-examination it would take for them to learn to understand that would be very painful for their ego, would harm their glorious image of themselves as rational masters of everything they do and everything around them. So they project it onto women, hold women responsible for men’s sexual impulses and men’s sexual behaviour, place harsh restrictions on women’s freedom, distance themselves by saying women are not fully human but a commodity that exists for their convenience. This has been the pattern in most human societies. I wish that understanding this makes it hurt less.

    If you were to say to this guy that men are ruled by their dicks, he’d be angry, and yet that is exactly what he himself is saying. That he is helpless in the face of his own sexual desires.

    • Byenia says:

      In all fairness, I will say this: we can ALL be rendered helpless in the face of strong enough sexual desires. But yeah, I get you that men aren’t simply guided by their penises. Though, again in fairness, I understand what it’s like to be driven by a very strong sex drive as well. Isn’t always easily controllable, much as some might moralize otherwise.

      BUT welcome to human life. Gotta come to terms with it regardless. Gotta strive to see it for what is. Or it will wind up showing you, if you’re lucky enough to accept the insights. We humans aren’t as “civilized” and rational and pure of heart as we like to think. Shakes out however it does across individuals.

      Should we be ruled by our sexual impulses? No. Not as easy of a task to get a handle on for some folks though, that’s a given. And not all are aiming to experience the same sort of lives. Yet we meet and clash and figure that out the hard way. Such is life. Guess we can and should work on self-control and discipline ourselves, just so that we can broaden our opportunities to make choices rather than be led by forces within us and their interplay with our environments growing up. This is a lesson I’m still working on instilling in myself across a few areas of life.

      Anyway, thanks for sharing your food for thought.

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