My cousin called today

My cousin just called me out of the blue tonight. Probably the first time we’ve talked in close to 2 years. And wow. He’s really evolved in his thinking since we last corresponded.  🙂  Which I love.

We covered all sorts of ground, from talking about books we both like to family matters to him sharing about his job and me sharing more about life up here in the Midwest, etc. We got into also talking about his experiences dating (as a 25-year-old man) and what’s not been going right there. Amazing how the girls he’s gone on dates with have treated him! And he’s a really nice and intelligent guy!  I’m actually stumped and disappointed with his stories about how these girls have behaved while out on dates with him, either playing on their phones during dinner or being unwilling to help carry the conversation or judging him for living in a trailer (when he works hard, full-time, and is a student, full-time, nearing finishing his bachelor’s degree in Speech Pathology, with plans on attending graduate school). Just completely blew me away. Lends a little more credence to what I hear online from some of these other guys who are complaining in the “manosphere” circles. Disappointing situation, very much so.

Oh, he’s such a bright young man! The only cousin I am close to in any respect, and I am just so impressed with how willing he is to let new information permeate into his thinking and reshape his outlook. Very refreshing, to say the least.

I may continue on with this post at a later date but have other things to do currently. Just wanted to mention how incredibly proud I am of him, despite realizing how hard of a time he’s having out in the world trying to find others to relate to. But we had a great conversation and it was so good to hear from him.  🙂

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