Fleetwood Mac tunes are good for the soul

Been posting up songs from Fleetwood Mac lately, a band I adore and would include many songs from in my eternal playlist if there happened to be a heaven.

First up tonight, “The Chain”:

I particularly love the recording of that live performance. Absolute dynamite, IMO.


That particular performance made all the difference. Wasn’t a fan of other versions I heard of that song on their previous albums. But here Lindsey Buckingham is just amazing on vocals and the enhanced percussion really works.

Another one of their timeless classics, “Go Your Own Way”:

“Big Love”:

Once again, Lindsey just wails in that live performance and really knocks it out of the park.

“Bleed To Love Her”:

Soulful bleeding is sometimes necessary… Perhaps always necessary (at least at times) when it comes to love.

“Sweet Girl”:

That last one has really grown on me since first listening to it after purchasing their album The Dance.

And here’s one I didn’t create a video for since I just adore this particular performance so much and don’t think it can be improved upon in any way. “Never Going Back Again”:

You don’t know what it means to win
Come down and see me again

. . .

Been down one time

Been down two times

Been down three tiiiiiiimmes

NEVER going back again…

Very much adore watching them sing together there.

Here’s one I really love, “Silver Springs”:

You could be my silver spring….
Blue-green..colors flashin’
I would be your only dream…..
Your shinin’ autumn….ocean crashin’….
And then you say that she’s pretty….
and then you say that she loves you…
Baby I don’t wanna know.

I’ll begin not to love you…
Turn around, you’ll see me runnin’
I’ll say I loved you years ago…
And tell myself you never loved me…. No……
Did you say she was pretty….
And did you say that she loves you…?
Baby, I don’t wanna know…. Oh no…..
And then you tell me: was it worth it?
Really, I don’t wanna know..

Time cast its spell on you, but you won’t forget me.
I know I could’ve loved you but you would not let me….

. . .

I’ll follow you down ’til the sound of my voice will haunt you..
You’ll never get away from the sound of the woman that loves you…

That one gets to me. I hope to create a video for it eventually to showcase on my channel.

And because this one deserves to be gratuitously tossed in too, “Don’t Stop”:

… Yesterday’s gone


Don’t you look back…

I try not to look back. Virtually impossible not to though.

Beautiful music from an amazing band filled with extremely talented artists who each brought so much to the table.

One other I would’ve liked to have posted here was Lindsey Buckingham’s “So Afraid,” and I intend to eventually post my own video for that song as well on my YT channel.

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