Wandering into 2015

As is so very rarely my custom, I’ve decided to stay home tonight instead of hitting the barscene to celebrate the New Year. Why? Not feeling great and can stand to get by another day without risking a DUI or a car accident. Plus festivities on this night tend to be rather expensive. And my companion is home sick, as is my best guyfriend. Perhaps we are rowdying down…

Plenty of NYEs I’ve hit the town on my own, but it just doesn’t appeal to me this time around. Maybe next year.

Though New Year’s Eve is typically my favorite holiday. Marks the chance for new possibilities, new resolutions, new opportunities. As fresh of a start as we’re capable of getting. Plus, I do love bubbly wine.


That graphic is actually premature since I haven’t popped the cork on the bottle I purchased yet. But soon enough I will, after a shower. Then I’ll settle in for a night of music and games and whatever else tickles my fancy, having nowhere to be until around 2pm tomorrow.  biggrin

Been meaning to get around to the “Left” vs. “Right” discussion, and will in due time. But so far this week is about chillin’ to the utmost and not driving if it isn’t absolutely necessary. Normal life will resume on Jan. 5th.

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7 Responses to Wandering into 2015

  1. Wyrd Smythe says:

    Happy New Year! (I’ve long considered the night “amateur night” for partying and, therefore, a good night to stay home. It was never *my* driving that concerned me as much as those other fools on the road!)

    • Byenia says:

      Happy New Year, Wyrd! 🙂

      Those other fools on the road are a serious concern. Last year we and several others were given a ride home by a designated driver guy who worked for the bar. That worked out well and was free. Good service.

      But I still somehow managed to wreck myself last night regardless, all while sitting at my computer desk. haha So now I’m sipping tea, in recovery. One resolution for this upcoming year is to drink a bit less (and less often). My pancreas might appreciate that.

      • Wyrd Smythe says:

        No doubt! It’s still a bit of a mystery why alcohol and tobacco never seem to have snared me. I sometimes smoked cigarettes during my heavier drinking days (that alcohol+tobacco combo packs quite a punch, especially if you’re not used to nicotine), but other than the occasional cigar now, that’s it. Even my drinking seems to have declined. The hangovers are just too nasty, and I seem to have lost my taste for being hammered.

        Tipsy, yes, frequently. I’ll even go as far as drunk now and then, but hammered? I can’t remember the last time I did that.

        I suppose I should be grateful, but somehow it just makes me feel old. 😮

        • Byenia says:

          Never can tell which drug will appeal most to which people. Tobacco is my root addiction. Anything else could go away, even alcohol, much as it’s become a part of my evening routine. If I couldn’t smoke while drinking, I’d quit drinking. Another reason why I don’t go out to bars anywhere near as much since the smoking ban went into effect here a few years back. Easier to stay home and play online.

          Hammered isn’t my norm, though it does happen from time to time. Probably a little more frequently since I’m not driving anywhere. Hangovers do suck, and I still need to get my hands on some vitamin B (like you suggested before — keep forgetting it). But I always was a natural lightweight to where it’s pretty easy to go a couple drinks over the line. Hence why I rarely go in for hard liquor/shots.

          Not old. Just sensible. You’ve learned moderation, whereas I am still figuring that out. 😉

        • Byenia says:

          Was brought to my attention by someone else that my use of the word “wrecked” could be taken a lot of ways. I was being funny there. Actually just stayed up all night and then fell asleep at the keyboard while trying to play an online game. No sickness, aside from the hangover hours later. Don’t normally get sick off of drinking anymore, so long as I avoid the liquor shots (which only comes into play while out at the bar). Passing out at the keyboard is infinitely better than passing out behind the wheel of my car (which I’ve never done, for the record) or doing something else stupid, so no major worries here other than needing to cut down and be more moderate in my consumption.

          Felt the need to clarify that.

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