Pausing the heaviness, braking for some humor

Simply because:

wooohoooo hehehe

Gotta love the irreverent humor of The Boondocks:

“Let us pray the pimp’s prayer.”


Russell Peters on Arabs:

Absolutely adore the portion approximately 3:21 through 4:39. Hahaha!  And I can actually relate to the sentiment “Eh, FUCK YOU!!! I kill me!,” perhaps due to being half Arab (Saudi) as well as a U.S. Southern-born hot-head.  bomb_smilies Fuck you. I kill me. And maybe you too if you start shit that makes the escalation of violence unavoidable. Just sayin’. Would try my damnedest to at least leave a serious mark.  bitches  It’s how shit rolls, so expect it, gestapo.

…the rednecks of the Arab world.

LOL! Yes, that is what I too believe we’re being shown primarily on television in the U.S. Too funny.

And what would that make someone like me then? An American Southern redneck-by-birth/Arab-American?  ha ha  As a past friend coined back in 2006 to describe my unique mix—he and I having never met another half-Arab/half-Southern Blend (including English, Scottish, plus a little Choctaw and Crow, and whatever else); me born and raised in Southern and Midwestern U.S. of A. and so far have not managed to get further than traveling to Tijuana that one afternoon in 2004—and which I immediately embraced wholeheartedly and found hilarious: I am a “sand-honky.” As it’s been said, half “sand negro” as some like to put it, half “honky” as others like to put it. hehe  Makes a lot of sense to me and is fitting, IMO. (Amazing, though, how sharing my label with others has brought negative feelings, as if I’m somehow hurting someone else by accepting this label for myself. Again, I’ve never met another Arab/Southern Blend individual, so, as far as I know we’re isolated oddities. ha And the others can call themselves whatever they wish. My racial mix has been a very individualistic experience for me, growing up knowing no other Arabs until a few in adulthood and never knowing the paternal side of my lineage at all.)

“We’re gonna kill the whole fuckin’ world! Yee-haw!!” That’s what they would sound like.

Haha! Wouldn’t doubt it.

For a little macabre humor, here’s George Carlin’s satirical take on the death penalty:

“Hot Pockets” by Jim Gaffigan:

Probably my favorite skit from him. Ha!

Deaaad pockeettt.


Next up, a pertinent clip said to be from the movie “Billy Madison”:

Haha! Trollin’ ain’t easy.  evil_lol

Here’s a gem from a show called The Savage Eye with a skit labeled “Mental”:

Lolololol! Gee, what kind of people does that remind me of…?

Ending off with a couple more clips. Can’t leave “Idiocracy” out of the mix:

And here’s one last one shared with me this week by another youtuber:


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8 Responses to Pausing the heaviness, braking for some humor

  1. Janet says:

    Ha! Ha! those were some good ones 🙂

    George Carlin, Dave Chapelle, & Jim Gaffigan are some of my absolute favorites,
    especially Dave as he actually had the balls to keep his integrity intact against the entertainment giants.

    “HOT POCKETS!” That one cracks me up every time I see it! “There’s the vegetarian hot pocket for those who don’t want to eat meat but would still like diarrhea!,” The breakfast hot pocket, “GOOD MORNING! Your about to call in sick.”

    WOW, that’s an interesting heritage, I won’t hold it against you if you don’t hold mine against me…I’m German, Hungarian/Italian, Cherokee Indian, (thank Goodness for the Cherokee Indian, but who knows how that happened, and knowing the real history of America, there is a chance it wasn’t good.
    I didn’t do it, I’m just here. I still think being a mutt is way better than having been inbreed over & over like the elites do to keep the money in the family, GROSS!
    Although I do have thoughts about your recent article, “Escape from Evil,” post,
    however for the long term continual incest doesn’t seem to be so good.

    Here’s a macabre video/song for you;

    I don’t know where Margaret got the idea for this, but she has an equally funny one,
    “Eat Shit & Die.” Weird Al esqueee. Normally she’s not so funny to me & I think she pushes the gay agenda too much, but you can’t agree with everyone on everything & with humor I will take the gems wherever I can find them!

    “I was gonna die, but then felt better,”
    & “I’m sorry I shot you in the face, I’ve got a feeling I was way off base!”

    I hope it gives you some chuckles too 😉


    • Byenia says:

      Wealthy families (and in the past, royal families) that practiced inbreeding have always weirded me out. I figure that’s probably why they breed so many lunatics within their ranks, which just makes life all the more difficult for the people under their rule/economic domination.

      Haven’t watched Margaret Cho’s work before (just seen her around and noticed she was in Big Al’s “Tacky” video). LOL! Too funny. Had to save that song in a playlist. 🙂 Thanks for sharing it.

      Dave Chapelle standing up to “The Man” and going to Africa was actually pretty cool. He didn’t want to sell out or be bent over, which is completely understandable. I admire him for taking time away and then later speaking out about that. Have you watched his interview on the Actor’s Studio?

      Another comedian I’ve come to appreciate is Bill Hicks (RIP).

      And recently I came across a comedian named Doug Stanhope who’s pretty funny.


      • Janet says:

        Hello Byenia 🙂

        I sure did see Dave on the Actor’s Studio, that was sadly enlightening for sure.

        Have you heard or seen any of his comeback tour he started last year?
        Apparently he went to Hartford Connecticut & it went horribly.
        So he went to Detroit & talked about how horrible it was in that show.
        Its a hard show to hear, but it was SO COOL to hear him talking again.

        That Doug Stanhope was great! Really good, he’s getting sharper for sure.
        Here’s a quick one I like of his;

        Bill HIcks, I really like him too. Back in the 90’s I first heard him (didn’t know it was him) in a Tool song entitled “Third Eye,” & he really said some deep & true to life things, that no one else was saying in the mainstream music.
        Then the internet/YouTube happened & I started to find out who he was.
        Here is a random short…

        You said RIP, & that may be true, but have you heard this one?
        That Alex Jones is possibly Bill Hicks? I know it sounds far out there, until
        I understood a few things around Alex Jones.
        First off they are both from Texas. There is video footage of Alex Jones receiving an award with a framed picture of Bill Hicks, from Bill’s best friend Kevin Booth, who also put together the “American Drug War,” film (that was a really good one) you also have highlighted on your site.
        Why would Alex Jones receive an award with Bill Hicks on it? Unless it was because they were both truth seekers? Alex seems fake to me though. I thought that was strange. I’ve even seen video footage of Alex & Kevin joking about the Bill Hicks drama & if I can find it again, I’ll send it too ys, it was strange & creepy.

        Also, I don’t know if you have seen really old clips of Bill on stage, but he used to freak out & get really pissed at the stupid members of his audience & those freak outs remind me of how Alex freaks out ridiculously to the point you really can’t take him seriously. Clubs stopped wanting to book Bill for anything as he was deemed too negative. He had lots of reasons to be angry, but the screaming fits he pulled were too much for most. He was financially/socially on his way out right before he apparently died,even Dave Letterman cancelled on him.

        I’m sure you have heard of cloning, Mk Ultra mind control programming, etc. With all the things I’m learning, I’m not sure what to believe, however I think the powers that be are very capable of acts & have access to technology that we could only imagine.

        I just keep things on the shelf to maybe be used later, like this is a possibility, I can’t rule it out. All I know is that Bill was saying some very extreme yet correct things that the powers that be did not like. Kevin Booth did too with his movie The American Drug War. Kevin is looking pretty bad as of late.

        Wouldn’t it be the perfect life fuck to turn Bill & Kevin against themselves for bucking the system & into the things they would have hated the most? Alex Jones to me seems like controlled opposition. The videos out there about this on YT are mostly weak, & many folks think, “What’s the big deal if it is true?” Well, its pretty crazy if it is, & why would Kevin Booth be good friends with a sell out like Alex Jones.
        Things make you go hmmmmm… :O

        Laters, Janet

        • Byenia says:

          Things that make us go hmmmm indeed…

          I don’t track Alex Jones anymore, having pretty well burnt out on watching his videos back in 2008. I’ve heard the “conspiracy theories” about how he might be Bill Hicks, and I really don’t have much of an opinion on that. Would be interested in seeing some of the footage of the “freak outs” you described that Bill Hicks pulled, not knowing about that. He’s not someone I know much about, having only heard bits and pieces from him since coming onto youtube.

          Not familiar with Kevin Booth other than the documentary on the drug war.

          Either way, life is crazy, life is mad.

          I’m currently trying to listen to the Dave Chappelle clip you forwarded along, but it’s pretty difficult for me to hear and make out what he’s saying there. But I’ll look into some of his newer material when time permits.

          On Doug Stanhope, he’s a new one for me. Will check out the clip you sent too.

          Anyway, bouncing off to finish checking my email. 🙂

  2. Janet says:

    Thank you for humoring me, at least you have heard it. I swear, I haven’t seen anyone on YT that has seen so many of the same things that I have, its just strange, but cool, its not just me. You cover all your bases…I go super deep too, its amazing the info you can find, if you are willing to dig deep enough.

    Realize these things I’m posting here are not necessary to be digested in one sitting.

    That Dave Chappelle clip, is great if you have no other distractions & can just listen.
    I haven’t been able to find any better sounding audio of his recent stuff.
    The machine still tore him up too. But in his recent clips he’s gained some physical muscle, literally, not freakish, just right actually. I read he lives on a farm, I don’t know how true it is, but he’s been workin’ for sure, just not for the man! Ha! Ha!

    Some angry 80’s Bill for you, perhaps he was just in his anger, but I think the eighties was the height of illusion in this country…No way they could handle this instant retribution…

    • Byenia says:

      LOL Yah, “cunt” was probably considered a racier word back in the ’80s. Gonna have to go in search of more of these “freak outs” by Bill now. 🙂

      I’ll take more time with Chappelle’s clip when the dishwasher isn’t making racket in the background. And I’ve been having speaker problems to where now I pretty much have to have the volume cranked all the way just to be able to hear videos anymore. Not sure what that’s about, but undoubtedly it means it’s time to go shopping at Best Buy.

      I’ve been enjoying the clips you send my way. And it is nice to interact with someone (particularly another woman) who thinks about so many of the same things. 🙂

  3. Wyrd Smythe says:

    Braking, slowing down, stopping. Ah, breathing. Laughing! Nice collection!

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