After much hunting I finally found his name: Charles Ray Hatcher (child rapist, murderer)

Took me over an hour to finally locate this case I was reflecting on, so I’m going to post about it here so as not to lose it again.

Charles_Ray_HatcherCharles Ray Hatcher was convicted for a number of offenses over the course of his life, including 16 murders and and the rape/sexual assault of minors.

I can’t recall how I first heard about this case but it was several years ago that I remember reading about his life story and criminal convictions. The tale that stood out to me most involved the 6-year-old boy named Gilbert Martinez whom he abducted and anally raped AND was caught in the act of assaulting out in a wooded area. The lurid detail in which the scene was described has haunted me ever since. So tonight it ran across my mind again and I went in search of the names involved.

Mr. Charles Ray Hatcher, born in Missouri in 1929, sentenced to several mental institutions and jails, proved incapable and/or unwilling to cease being intolerably evil. A rundown on his crimes are available here:

Sick, sad motherfucker. Period.

Wish to god I could remember what book I read about him in or wherever I came across that accounting of his crimes. Been years and Google isn’t helping me out much on this. Frickin’ search engine is damn-near worthless these days, IMO. But whatever.

THAT guy. He’s one who keeps returning to my mind after all these years. The deeper details of his story are really upsetting to the point where he can’t help but be memorable. Most certainly not a good man, and it’s worthy of speculating as to why people like him come into being. Can we really pretend this individual turned out that way solely due to his own psychological problems? But what did those psychological problems stem from? I think a lot of us would point to his problem-riddled childhood, and fairly so. But I wonder what cocktail of factors is needed to push someone so completely over the edge like that to where they completely don’t give a shit about other human lives.

It’s worth pondering…

Hung himself in his cell in 1984. Good riddance…

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4 Responses to After much hunting I finally found his name: Charles Ray Hatcher (child rapist, murderer)

  1. janet says:

    I read the Wikipedia page, Yikes, although I think his upbringing explains a lot, a criminal abusive alcoholic father goes a long way, sadly. No stability, no acceptance from society, (I think the school system can be amazingly cruel & make things worse with too much discipline or not enough of the right kind of attention)

    Here’s a small example…There was a hyper annoying boy I had to grow up with in middle school/ high school & although you could tell his parents were financially well to do by his clothes, he was awful & in many classes I had with him, he always sat behind me because of our last names, UGH! It was hell. The teachers hated him, I know I sure did & no matter what his punishment, it never changed his behavior! His parents obviously didn’t care either. He was vile in speech & actions, relentless…he had a buddy who would egg him on too.
    So 15 years later I see him on the news, being arrested in a sting for soliciting sex with underage girls online! You could just tell even back in school, he was bad & he was always going to be bad. At least the pubic was finally put on notice about him, but he’s still out there. I think he would have no issue with killing either.

    Charles Ray’s mother going from man to man, was bad news too, & his brother dying young. He was often left to his own devices I’m sure, & losing his only friend in a horrible situation, that could easily push someone not to care about anyone or anything. What amazes me is how often he was let out to go do it again!
    Evidence can be tricky too, but, Wow. Someone else convicted for his crimes also, that is horrible! That’s one of the worst things that could happen to anyone, I think… at least they figured it out, I guess?!

    Civilization as a whole, it seems to be implied that its normal, I don’t think it is! Everyone has their way of coping with their own personal injustices in sometimes obsessive & or non healthy ways or they foist themselves on anyone nearest to them.
    Some people just can’t hack it, so then their problems become society’s problems,
    they spread their pain around.

    I’ve noticed that internet searching has become quite useless too, you really have to word things correctly & many times I find its not the obvious wording that helps me, its not intuitive anymore. Have you ever tried DuckDuckGo? Things are a little better over there sometimes or is a unique one. Startpage weeds out a lot of spam it seems, so you are going to get fewer results, but at least they are different from what Google churns out.


    • Byenia says:

      I’ve tried using DuckDuckGo before and may need to give it another whirl. Haven’t heard of Startpage, so thanks for mentioning it. I tried using yesterday since I had such trouble with Google search.

      Yeah, Charles definitely had a lot stacked against him coming up. No question. And his circumstances were bad enough to where it’s not surprising that he turned out to be a dangerous criminal. But then I wonder about other serial killers who had far less problematic upbringings and family situations, like Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy, and yet they too became totally depraved despite there being no clear reasons why that we can point back to.

      Things that make me go hmmm…

      And yeah, another man did wind up taking the fall for one of Hatcher’s crimes, and that is a bad deal. When people online talk about wrongful convictions, I understand their concerns, but oftentimes they like to focus on cases where it’s a question of whether a crime ever even took place. Whereas here a crime obviously did but the man charged initially wasn’t the true culprit, and we’ve seen lots of cases that have turned out that way unfortunately (as highlighted by The Innocence Project). And I’m not sure how we as a society get around making these errors from time to time, especially where circumstantial evidence appears to incriminate the suspect. It’s a tough situation trying to sort out criminal matters, no doubt. Then we heap on the public outcry applying pressure for somebody to be held responsible and quick, and some poor individual can find himself swept up by the hysteria and essentially sacrificed in order to pacify the public.

      Just goes to further show that human life is a complicated web that rarely yields easy answers.

  2. Janet says:

    DuckDuckGo, seems to take a minute or so to load on my computer, so that’s why it annoys me, but once it does, it works great during that online session. Startpage is supposed to keep your searches anonymous, I don’t know if it does or not, but you get different search results.

    I guess the point with the boy in school I talked about was that he seemed to have a normal life too…I looked him up again online after bringing it up to you, and actually, his charge was attempted sex on child, Oh Lord. But he lives in a nice 2 story suburban home, even now! He’s not a murderer yet though. Jeffery Dahmer creeps me out…I thought I read or heard in a documentary that his parents were strictly religious? Its hard to know what really goes on in a home behind closed doors, he seemed like he was very shy though. Listening to Ted Bundy talk, he was very educated, engaging even, he said that porn was a big problem for him & he had felt that its a problem for many troubled males, it can put them over the edge wanting more perverse interactions, maybe that is part of it? Wasn’t he lied to, in that his sister was really his mother & her mother had taken him on as her own?
    Sometimes people are just empty too, its really weird but I’ve known a few.

    I agree with you about society’s swift justice routine, someone needs to pay & then move on…seems lots of folks have been released lately after serving decades for a crime they didn’t commit! I think justice moves too swiftly, when still in doubt.
    I’ll be checking out the Innocence Project too, thanks. 🙂

    • Byenia says:

      Taking forever to respond here. Sorry.

      Yes, Bundy was raised by his grandma as her own, the woman he thought was his sister turned out to be his mother. Queer situation there.

      An interesting interview with Dahmer and his parents:

      Sometimes they come from good homes and yet still snap and act crazy, as the story of the guy you know illustrates. But you’re right, we never truly know what goes on behind closed doors. Just because people have money doesn’t mean they don’t also have serious problems too.

      Hope you are doing well.

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