The foolishness of (fascist) gender ideologues

Why, oh why won’t I leave the strange gender ideologues alone? Why do I still watch some of their videos, despite planning not to? Apparently because I’m not too bright.  doh

Curiosity tends to get the best of me.

First I sat through another video by RBK2…because I’m obviously an idiot. Then tonight someone sent me a link for Janet Bloomfield’s blog where back in 2013 she was talking about some Lincoln movie and arguing that a woman’s citizenship ought to be conditional based on her willingness to produce children, whereas a man’s is to sign up for selective service. Oy. Yeah, I read most of it and saw the little blurb in the comment section where she proffered doing away with the draft, but then right after that she talked about how everyone in this country should probably be subject to a couple years of some sort of mandatory civil service in order to qualify for full citizenship under the Law. Ugh…

Humans…can’t live with them, not allowed to shoot them and can’t yet ship them to Mars. When people start speaking like that it strikes me as awfully eerie. I wasn’t put on this planet to serve as disposable for this State, nor should any of us be unless we volunteer to do so. I will not bear children for any reason, regardless of what my government or fellow citizens might say or do. And I will not agree to requiring young people to sign up for 2 years of service in some State-ran program in order for them to have their rights recognized. No.

Fascism sucks, it really does. And yet it seems to be growing in popularity. Reason #201 for why I refuse to have children. This nation (and apparently most others too) has lost its damn mind. People don’t want freedom, they want to coerce one another to live up to ill-conceived ideals. Everything’s proving wholly unsustainable, especially the state of our social dynamics right about now. And I hear people lamenting the same sort of thing up in Canada and over in the U.K. and in Australia. There’s a new trend coming, a new world order on the horizon, and it’s being fueled by a shit-ton of ideologues.

Thankfully I’m not planning on living forever. These people want to make a bigger mess out of life and living, well, who can stop them, especially if they wind up backed by the power of the State? I can’t. But I don’t have to produce cannon fodder for them to use and abuse, since that’s all these ideologues really see one another as: means to suit their idealized end. Talk about treating people as disposable (which they go on and on about when it comes to men, but their solution is to have it apply to both males and females? Like that will improve anything. straight_face )

Human beings, man. Becoming the scum of the earth, generally speaking. Glad I won’t be here in 100 years to witness the fall-out of the latest hair-brain ideas to come down the pike.

It’s almost as if people are willfully aiming to get as many of us as possible to hate one another. For entertainment’s sake. Because some humans are so dissatisfied that they won’t be content until everybody else is thoroughly miserable as well.

Well, fuck it. Have at it, folks. Can’t stop you. Not even able to communicate with you when you’re all hopped up on ideologies and self-righteousness. I know it won’t turn out to be the utopia people are presumably dreaming of (if they even harbor fantasies beyond creating greater chaos), but humans love to learn everything the hard way.

Maybe extinction of our species isn’t such a bad thing. Maybe that will someday prove to be merciful. It’s a thought.

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  1. vklaatu says:

    Oh wow, something about Janet rubbed me the wrong way, but I had no idea she could be this dense. Now I can see why Diana Davidson reacted so strongly to her. I have an essay in the works titled “Frankly My Dear, I Don’t Give a Damn” calling for the death of gender politics. I’m modeling it very loosely after Karl Hess’ “Death of Politics” which I recommend. I’ve taken a pledge that I finish this essay, I don;t ever want to discuss gender politics ever again, only relationships between individuals. I’m that sick of it.

    • Byenia says:

      Sounds like a worthwhile project. Send a link my way when it’s completed.

      May need to look into the Karl Hess piece.

      Diana Davidson is just as bad in her own way, IMO. Both wind up being extremists in that they’re trying to push particular outlooks and are resistant to letting others do as they wish. At least that’s how it looks to me, from the outside looking in. ‘Course I can’t get along with Diana and had friction with her from day one. She’s got a nasty attitude toward other women just automatically — very catty. From what I’ve observed anyway.

      But yeah, the gender politics certainly does need to be laid to rest. Gotten to where all we’re doing is screaming over one another’s shoulders, not actually giving a damn about who an individual is or why they feel the way they do. Because it’s all about stereotypes, over-generalizations, and the “othering” effect. These gender ideologues not only aren’t seeking to establish common ground with others, but they seem to be doing their best to obstruct other people from doing so as well, in order to keep the fights going so that their narrow worldviews feel relevant.

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