My rowdy friends have NOT settled down

Or at least not by much. Some have married and had kids, many haven’t, but either way we’re mostly still up for rowdiness. And last night was rather rowdy, for me anyway since I don’t get out too much these days. Been more hermit-like over the past year or more, aiming to stay out of trouble, avoid unnecessary drama, and not waste money. But when I do head out to my favorite local watering hole, it can be a fun time catching up with folks I don’t see too regularly anymore. The guys I pal around with at that bar are overall a good bunch of men. Couple of cool chicks there too.

Headed out about 7pm and didn’t drag my ass home ’til after 4 in the morning. Managed to lock my keys in my car at one point and had to head home for my spare set. Also managed to take a spill in my buddy’s yard and jacked up my elbow. So dumb. Might have to ban myself from wearing high-heels next time around. But all-in-all it was a successful night out. Was good to hang out with one buddy in particular I haven’t visited in quite a while, and he was really cool about everything and gave me a big hug before I left. Always makes me feel welcome in his garage, which I very much appreciate. Used to hang out over there all the time back before a couple years ago, then wound up squabbling with one of his buddies, but I believe his buddy and I might’ve finally buried the hatchet last night. I let it all go, so hopefully he will do the same going forward.

Some people like to complain about how my age group is slow to mature and how we still act like hooligans. Well, what can I say? Growing older doesn’t have to mean growing boring and stifled. We all need to blow out some steam from time to time and what better way than with some cheap domestic brews and whatever else among people we can trust and let loose with? Would’ve been nice if I could’ve remained vertical the duration of the evening (haha), but the bruises and swelling will heal. Still was worth it.  hehe

Had to creep in and try not to (re)awaken my companion since he’s crashing at my place this week after his water heater went on the fritz. Wish he could’ve come out too, but alas, he has to be up for work around 6am M-F. That’s what being a responsible worker bee will get ya. My work schedule lately has allowed me to sleep in most days. Certainly can’t complain about that.

Anyway, it’s nearing time for Mexican takeout and getting cuddled in to watch non-cable television for what remains of this day.

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